What is 1993 Penny Die Crack?

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The Lincoln Memorial Penny Die Crack is one of the most popular errors. It’s also one of the most valuable. In this article, we’ll discuss this type of coin, why collectors seek it, and their value!

What is 1993 Penny Die Crack?


The 1993 penny die crack is a rare error, and it happens when the metal is poured into the die. The metal is too thick and creates a crack in the face of the coin. It’s not visible to the naked eye, but if you look closely at a 1993 penny, you can see it.

How Was 1993 Penny Die Crack Made?

The 1993 penny die crack resulted from the mint making the penny out of zinc-plated steel instead of copper-plated zinc. This change was made to save money. Unfortunately, the mint made the mistake of using steel that was not strong enough for coin production and caused the die cracks in some coins. Unfortunately, the error was caught before too many were minted and eliminated by switching back to copper plating after only two weeks!

Is a 1993 Penny Die Crack Valuable?

The 1993 penny die crack is a valuable coin. The die crack adds to the value of your coin, which depends on how much it’s worth and how much it’s worth in 2020 and 2021. The best way to find out how much your 1993 penny die crack is worth is to take pictures of it and submit them for grading at NGC or PCGS (which both charge a small fee).

How Much is a 1993 Penny Die Crack?


It’s important to note that the value of a 1993 penny die crack depends on several factors. For example, the condition of your coin can impact its worth. If your coin is in good or excellent condition, it will likely be worth more than one in poor condition.

The same holds for uncirculated coins as opposed to circulated (or “worn”). You can use this website’s calculator here to help you determine how much your 1993 penny die crack might be worth.

How to Tell if a Penny is a 1993 Die Crack?

Spotting a 1993 die crack on a penny can be challenging, but there are several telltale signs. The most obvious sign is a small line running vertically down the opposite side of the coin (the “heads” side), right between Washington’s eye and mouth.

This line can also be seen on the reverse side of some coins, which appears as an indentation on Lincoln’s shoulder. Another way to tell if your penny is a 1993 die crack is by looking at its edge—if you see any little dents in this area, then there’s probably something wrong with your coin!

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I hope this article helped you answer your questions! The die crack is a common phenomenon on coins. It occurs when the metal is injected into the coin die at a fast pace and creates cracks in the die!

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