What is a Burnished Silver Eagle

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In the world of coin collecting, there are many terminologies or even types of coins that can be confusing to new collectors.

One of these examples is the burnished silver eagle.

In this article, we’ll focus on these coins, what they are, how much they are worth, and whether they are worth collecting.

What is a Burnished Silver Eagle?


It’s a type of coin that has been polished to remove its shine. The process tends to leave the surface with a matte finish, so burnished silver eagles are not as shiny as regular silver eagles.

Burnished Silver Eagles are made from .999 pure silver and come in Silver Dollars, Half Dollars, and Quarter Eagles—various denominations based on their weight and size.



The difference between a burnished silver eagle and a regular silver eagle is the finish on the coin.

A burnished one has a matte finish, while a regular silver eagle has a mirror-like finish. Also, burnished silver eagles can have a mint mark engraved in them.

Burnished ones also have a lower mintage than regular silver eagles, making them more valuable than regular silver eagles.

Burnished coins usually are uncirculated coins that were sandblasted and looked like they were in circulation. Looking at it, you can easily tell if you have a burnished or a regular silver eagle.

It’s not hard to differentiate the two, especially if you have been a collector for a long time.

The main difference between these two coins is the burnished version of it has a matte finish and might have a mint mark on them.

Sometimes, these coins are also proof, so the value of the burnished coin will increase dramatically.

Are They More Valuable?

So you know that a burnished silver eagle is worth more than a regular one. But what else sets them apart?

First of all, burnished silver eagles have a lower mintage. This means fewer coins exist and are, therefore, less common than regular silver eagles.

Only 104,000 of the burnished coins were minted in 2017 compared to 1,000,000 of the standard version of that year’s coin.

Second, burnished coins cost less than their counterparts when bought directly from the United States Mint—a premium difference between $4-$5 per coin for both versions (depending on which year).

What Does it Look Like?

If you’re unfamiliar with a burnished silver eagle, it’s a coin that looks just like a regular silver eagle.

However, this coin is different because it has a matte finish and features subtle design differences.

It can also have either the “W” or “P” mint mark and be found in proof or uncirculated condition.

What is Their Lowest Mintage Number?


The lowest mintage for this coin is the 2019-W Burnished Silver Eagle, with a final minted quantity of 1,038 coins.

The highest mintage is the 2018-W Burnished Silver Eagle, with a final minted quantity of 25,184 coins.

The most valuable burnished silver eagles are limited editions with low mintages and graded as Proof 70 or higher by PCGS or NGC.

Before you go…

The burnished silver eagle is a beautiful coin that many people enjoy. It’s great for collectors and investors who want to add something unique and rare to their collection at an incredibly affordable price point.

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