Top 5 Places To Find Old Coin Collections For Sale

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I'm Natasha Jones, an avid collector of coins, stamps, and paper money. My passion drives me to seek unique finds, from antique shops to international exchanges. I enjoy connecting with fellow collectors through forums and meet-ups, sharing discoveries and insights. Collecting, for me, is about preserving history and building a community around this shared interest.

Coin collecting has been around for centuries. It started as a hobby, but it’s now an investment opportunity.

There are many ways to collect coins. You can collect them by year or find them in circulation, but the most popular way is to buy old coin collections from other collectors or dealers.

The first thing you need to do when considering buying an old coin collection is to ensure that they’re authentic and have not been tampered with.

Best Places To Find Old Coin Collections For Sale:

1. Coin Shows


If you’re looking for an old coin collection for sale, the best place to start is by attending a coin show.

These shows often feature dealers with rare coins and extensive collections for sale so that you can get your hands on some of the most valuable antiques.

Some shows even allow attendees to bring their items onto the floor, so if you happen to have an old collection passed down through generations, this may be your chance!

The best part about buying coins at a coin show is that it will likely be much cheaper than purchasing them from an auction house or dealer online.

However, it’s important not to let price become an overriding factor when considering whether or not something is right for you—if a deal seems too good to be true, then there’s probably some catch involved (like poor quality).

So always research before putting down any money on these types of purchases!

Key Points:

  • Wide variety of old coin collections for sale.
  • Meet other coin collectors.
  • Usually a free event.

2. Online Coin Dealer


Online coin dealers are a great place to find old coin collections for sale, but only if you know what you’re doing.

You can find them on sites like eBay and Amazon, but they’re also available on Craigslist and Gumtree.

Make sure you research before buying from an online dealer because some unscrupulous people are just looking to rip off unsuspecting collectors.

Key Points:

  • You can buy old coin collections for sale inside your house.
  • Easy transactions.
  • No extra fees.
  • The wide search range of available coins for sale.

3. Auction Houses


Auction houses are the best place to find old coin collections for sale. You can buy rare coins and collectibles at auction, but it will be expensive.

There are many auction houses worldwide, and their websites are usually easy to use.

Auction houses often have a lot of selection, and you can find anything from vintage coins to collector’s items like art, antiques, and more!

Key Points:

  • Old coin collections can be expensive.
  • You may have a limited variety of old coins.
  • The highest bidder wins.
  • Auction houses may have a lot of bidders.

4. Pawn Shops


If you love coin collecting and are looking to find some rare coins, then a pawn shop is the best place for you.

You may be surprised how many people don’t know about this great place where they can find old and rare coin collections.

That’s because many pawn shops are willing to sell their stuff to make more money down the road.

Therefore, they will often sell things at higher prices than other places; however, if you have something valuable they want and know will sell quickly (like an old coin collection), it could work out well for both parties involved!

Key Points:

  • Limited variety of old coins.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy access.

5. Local Coin Shops


Local coin shops are a great place to start if you’re looking for an old coin collection for sale.

Local coin shops often offer the best selection of old coins at reasonable prices.

In addition, they also provide an excellent opportunity to meet with other collectors who might be interested in sharing information with you about your favorite hobby.

Key Points:

  • Knowledge about coins.
  • They may have a wide variety of coins.
  • They can offer you a reasonable price.


Before you buy an old coin collection, make sure to do your research.

Find a reputable dealer, find out what kind of old coin collections you like, and find out where you can find the old ones you like.

Whatever place you choose to buy your collection, check them out and the reviews about their services.

Before you go…

I hope you enjoyed this list of places to find old coin collections for sale. I know there are many places where you can buy old coin collections, but for me, these are the best places where you can buy old coin collections!

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