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What is Morgan Dollar VAM? The Morgan dollar is one of the most popular coins in the world. It was minted by the United States Mint between 1878 and 1904, with a brief renewal in 1921.

This coin became very famous because of its design and value. It has been estimated that over 270 million Morgan dollars were produced during this period, making it the second best-selling coin after the Lincoln cent!

But how much is a Morgan Dollar VAM? And where can you buy them? In this article, we’re going to give you all these answers!

What is Morgan Dollar VAM?


A VAM is a die variety for Peace or Morgan Silver dollars. They are somehow different from a regular Morgan dollar or Peace dollar coin. A few thousand VAM dollars are out there, and their die variety varies from minor to major.

A relatively small number contain die varieties significant to appeal to a wide range of coin collectors.

Several types of die varieties have received VAM designations. In other words, it’s an exception to the rule that silver prices determine coin values.

Brief History of Morgan Dollar VAM

The term VAM came from the first initials of Van Allen and Mallis’ last names.

These two noticed differences between coins produced from the same year and mint.

They began recording these differences through photographs and catalogs to identify the different die varieties of the Morgan and Peace dollar series.

Some differences can be seen without magnification; some need a high-powered loupe or microscope.

Throughout the years, these differences became popular among collectors, leading to the term VAM being used to differentiate them from “normal” Morgan or Peace dollars.

Types of Silver Die Varieties That Have Received VAM Designation:


How Much is a Morgan Dollar VAM?

The price of a Morgan Dollar VAM depends on several factors, including the grade and condition of the coin.

The best way to determine what your coin is worth is by using an online price guide such as NGC’s NumisMedia section on their website.

Here you can find various pricing data for all coins and other collectibles, including your Morgan Dollar VAM.

What is the Difference Between a Morgan Dollar VAM and Other Coins?


In the world of coins, wide varieties are worth more than others.

Morgan dollars are one such type of coin and are quite popular for their design and historical significance.

While it’s easy to find out how much your average run-of-the-mill coin is worth, determining the value of a VAM can offer its challenges.

There are two main reasons why this kind of coin has a higher value:

  • The unique design makes it stand out from others in its series (in this case, the Morgan dollar).
  • The limited availability is due to wear or damage over time.

The first factor is easy to understand: If a coin differs from all the others in its series, it will naturally be worth more money.

But what about the second factor? How do wear and damage affect the value of a VAM Morgan dollar?

The short answer is that it depends on how much wear and damage the coin has suffered. If a Morgan dollar has only minor damage, such as light scratching or nicks, it will be worth less than one with no visible wear.

Where to Buy Morgan Dollar VAM?

If you want to buy Morgan dollar VAM, there are three ways in which you can do so:

  • Buy from reputable dealers. This is an excellent way to go because these dealers have been around for a while and know what they do when selling coins. They won’t sell you fake coins or take advantage of your inexperience as an investor in this field.
  • Buy from well-known auction houses. This is also another good place to look if you want to find that perfect coin for your collection because auction houses are reputable institutions that don’t just sell coins but also give their customers guarantees about the authenticity of the items being sold there by third parties like private dealers or individuals with extensive collections (collectors). You will have no problem finding Morgan Dollars at any of these places regardless of their condition or whether they’re rare pieces worth thousands of dollars each!

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We hope we have helped you to understand what a Morgan Dollar VAM is and how much it might be worth. 

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