1967 SMS Quarter: Do You Need This in Your Collection?

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Have you ever wondered what makes a coin valuable? This blog post will review the 1967 SMS quarter and its history.

We’ll also discuss how much these coins are worth today and why they may be a good investment opportunity for collectors.

What is the 1967 SMS Quarter?


In 1967, a decrease in sales of over 400,000 copies indicated that collector unhappiness with the Special Mint Set had surfaced.

In addition, collectors repeatedly asked the Treasury to begin producing Proof Sets because they could not adjust to the peculiar SMS Finish.

Regarding the sets: The Special Mint Set coins were all produced in San Francisco using antique presses belonging to the Ordnance Department, but they were not all distinctive bear mintmarks.

The majority of 1967 SMS coins have a beautiful surface. Unfortunately, deep Cameo surfaces are even more uncommon than Cameo surfaces.

However, a highly rare Doubled Die Obverse Quarter might be found in some 1967 Special Mint Sets. Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and Kennedy Half Dollar were the five coins in each set.

A Little Bit of History

The Coinage Act of 1965, which required that mint markings be eliminated among all coinage for five years, was introduced by the US Department of the Treasury in response to a coin shortage attributed to coin collectors.

The USDT also declared that from 1965 to 1967, no proof or uncirculated currency sets would be minted. Instead, a “Special Mint Set,” including one instance of each denomination created at the San Francisco Mint, was made available.

In contrast to the coins included in typical Mint Sets, these coins were minted with a satin-like sheen and are regarded as separate problems from the circulation coins.

Many proofs set collectors to purchase Special Mint Sets to finish their collections of “yearly proof set” collections as no proof sets were produced from 1965 to 1967.

However, a few hundred 1964 Special Mint Sets were created for unknown reasons. Before one of the sets was sold at an auction in the 1990s, the existence of these sets was generally unknown. Similar to the other Special Mint Sets, the coins have a satin finish.

How Much is the 1967 SMS Quarter


You must know the coin’s value to add a 1967 SMS Quarter to your collection.

The price of this quarter has steadily increased over time, but its value could decrease in the future. This can happen because of factors like a change in condition or popularity.

The coin’s current value depends on its condition and other factors such as availability and demand.

Is it Worth it to Collect the 1967 SMS Quarter?

The 1967 SMS Quarter is a key date in the series. As such, it’s more common than some other coins in this series (though still pretty scarce).

This means it has a higher value than other coins in the series.

If you’re interested in collecting these quarters and want to ensure you have all of them, this coin is a must-have. You want to take advantage of such an important history!



The 1967 SMS quarter is a key date in the Silver Proof set and an MS-65 grade.

While this coin is considerably rarer than the regular releases, its value has appreciated significantly in recent years.

This can be attributed to the fact that more collectors and investors are looking for silver coins, leading to higher demand and increased values across all grades of this coin.

If you’re interested in adding this coin to your collection, finding one in good condition will be challenging because they were struck at only one mint location: San Francisco.

This quarter should be on your radar if you’re looking for a key date to add to your collection.

This is because its low mintage makes it one of the most sought-after coins from the series. In addition to its rarity, it’s an affordable coin that can be purchased for less than $50!

Before you go…

Whether you are starting a new collection or want to add some key dates to an existing one, the 1967 SMS quarter is worthy of consideration. Its attractive design and scarcity make this coin a good addition to many collections.

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