2004 S US Mint Silver Proof Set: Do You Need This in Your Collection?

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If you are an avid coin collector, you probably heard of the 2004 S US Mint Silver Proof Set.

The 2004 S US Mint Silver Proof Set is a complete set of silver coins minted at the San Francisco Mint in 2004.

Different types of proof sets are issued by the United States Mint each year.

This article will break down what proof sets are and whether or not they are worth collecting.

What is the 2004 S US Mint Silver Proof Set


Adding a new set option increased the value of the 2004 US Mint proof set.

There are now four distinct options for annual proof sets. In 2004, the mint offered two different silver-proof set variants.

In addition, separate silver State Quarters sets made in 90% silver alloy were unveiled as a new offering.

The option to buy the entire 11-coin silver set or the silver State Quarters was now available.

Types of 2004 S US Mint Silver Proof Set

2004 11-Coin Proof Set and Package


The Westward Journey Nickel series’ debut makes the 2004 proof set more appealing.

Two plastic cases hold 11 proofs that represent the 2004 circulating coins. Every coin is made of the same metal alloy as standard coins.

In one case, Jefferson’s nickels in two different designs, from the Lincoln cent to the Sacagawea dollar, are on display.

A two-tone blue insert with a picture of the American flag holds the coins within the case. Stars and words are printed in white on the insert.

In addition, five new State Quarters are on show in a second plastic cabinet.

Along with the blue flag image, stars, and wording, the insert holding the coins also has the US Mint Seal imprinted.

The Statue of Liberty is depicted in blue tones on the outside box, which is regarded as part of the set.

A Mint logo is printed to the right of the set description and the year 2004.

Within the box is a folded Certificate of Authenticity that provides additional information about the coins.

2004 5-Coin State Quarter Proof Set and Package


One plastic box holds five proof State Quarters made of a nickel-copper alloy.

Quarters featuring Florida, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa have distinctive designs. An inlay showing the American flag in blue hues with white stars and writing holds the quarters in place.

White is also used for the US Mint Seal. The insert design is finished with text specifying the particular State Quarters proof set.

The 50 State Quarters emblem is printed in white on a sold blue backdrop on the coin’s reverse side.

The Certificate of Authenticity is packaged as a folded card within a cardboard box tailored to accommodate the single plastic case.

A blue Bald Eagle image easily recognizes the set. The US state map on the back of the box shows the 2004 states in a lighter shade of grey, with the states labeled from left to right.

2004 Silver 5-Coin State Quarter Proof Set and Package


The complete set of all five silver State Quarters. One plastic container bearing the text “United States Mint 50 State Quarters Silver Proof Set” and a red flag image with white stars printed.

The case holding the quarters in the 11-coin silver set matches this one. The exterior packaging distinguishes the latest silver 5-coin-only proof set from the rest.

This new set of proof State Quarters was released in 2004 and is distinguished by its silver-grey color scheme.

A picture of a bald eagle with the 50 State Quarters logo over grey lettering.

In the rear of the box, which is also silver-grey, a flag image is placed behind a map of the states, with the 2004 states having a lighter color.

2004 Silver 11-Coin Proof Set and Package


There are 11 coins in total, divided between two plastic cases. Six coins—a Lincoln cent, two Jefferson nickels, a Roosevelt dime, a Kennedy half dollar, and a Sacagawea dollar—are included in a single case.

The set’s dollar, nickel, and cent-proof coins are made of the same metal alloys typically used in commercial issue coins.

Special mention should be made of the two new Jefferson nickel designs that were only produced in 2004.

In addition, the five 2004 State Quarters made of 90% silver alloy are displayed in a second plastic box.

Before you go…

If you’re looking for a great way to invest in silver, the 2004 S US Mint Silver Proof Set is one of the best options. The set boasts some beautiful designs and has a rich history.

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