2018 US Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set – Do You Need This in Your Collection?

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The 2018 US Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set is a beautiful collection of coins showcasing America’s best coinage.

But is it valuable? Is it worth collecting?

This article will discuss more about it and where you can buy this particular set!

What Is the 2018 US Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set?


You might not have heard of the US Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set, but it’s a collection of coins from the United States Mint that’s becoming increasingly popular.

The set consists of ten coins.

Each coin has been struck with a special process called “reverse proof,” which means it has mirrored surfaces and frosted edges.

These characteristics give each coin its distinctive appearance while also making them different from traditional bullion or circulating coins minted by government agencies worldwide.

What Are the Coins in the 2018 US Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set?

This set includes the following coins:

  • Five silver America the Beautiful Quarters Program coins with reverse-proof finishes 
  • One Native American $1 Coin 
  • One silver Kennedy half dollar
  • One silver Roosevelt dime
  • One Jefferson nickel
  • One Lincoln penny

Is the 2018 US Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set Valuable?

The value of the 2018 U.S. Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set will depend on the price of silver and its condition.

Generally, a common coin that has been well-preserved after many years will be worth more than a rare coin in poor condition.

As with any other collectible, you can find coins worth thousands or even millions of dollars if they’re in pristine condition and are from an old series long ago (think Morgan dollar).

But since this is a relatively recent set and there aren’t many sets out there yet, it’s hard to tell what your particular set might be worth today without doing some research into how much silver is currently selling for on the open market.

Even then it’s not always easy to predict whether or not people will start buying up these coins because they look cool or because there’s a perceived need for them due to Trump’s tariffs or any other reason for increased demand for precious metals such as gold and silver.”


Where Can You Buy a 2018 US Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set?

You can purchase this set directly from the Amazon.

If you are interested in purchasing it through another retailer, we recommend checking out eBay to see if they have any available for sale.

Additionally, Etsy has some sets available at discounted prices as well.

Overstock also carries this set occasionally, but it’s not always in stock, so make sure to purchase one before the last minute to purchase one if you’re looking for an immediate delivery!

Before you go…

I hope this article has helped you answer your questions about the 2018 U.S. Mint Silver Reverse Proof Set and helped you understand more about these coins. This may be a good place to start if you want to add some unique collectible coins. They are relatively affordable and can provide hours of enjoyment as you learn more about the minting process and examine each coin’s design in detail. 

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