7 of the Coolest Rare Coins in the World!

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Are you looking for cool coins to collect?

When I mean cool, I mean cool! I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest rare coins in the world for you to check out! T

hese coins are just some examples of cool coins you can add to your collection!

What are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

7 of the Coolest Rare Coins in the World:

1. The Easter Island Statue Coin (Eastern Island)


Let me introduce you to this remarkable 10-dollar coin issued in 2007 by the Cook Islands.

This coin is dedicated to one of the most iconic and monumental figures from the Chilean Easter Island.

What makes this coin particularly fascinating is its 3D effect.

The statue on Easter Island, it’s gold plated, can rise from the flat surface and be adjusted to appear as if it’s standing on the coin.

2. The Cannabis Coin (West African Republic of Benin)


Well, folks, we’ve got a 100-franc coin here that was issued by the authority of the Government of Benin.

It seems quite the hot item for coin collectors and cannabis enthusiasts.

When you rub it around 40 times, you’ll notice a distinct smell from the green cannabis sativa leaf.

This is due to a synthetic additive added to the leaf.

Only 2,500 samples of this coin were released!

3. The Mammoth Tooth Coin (Ivory Coast)


This coin, which came from the Ivory Coast and was issued in 2010, has a denomination of 1,000 francs.

This piece of art pays homage to the Mammuthus Africanavus, an extinct animal species.

Ladies and gentlemen, this coin is believed to possess a genuine piece of prehistoric fossilized Mammoth tooth.

4. The Concord Coins (Tristan da Cunha)


In 2009, they issued a 5-pound coin to commemorate the 40th-year celebration of the first test flight of the Concorde supersonic aircraft.

The tiny island was proud to honor such an important milestone in aviation history.

On the back side of the coin, you can see a picture of the aircraft and some basic information.

Additionally, there is an actual piece of the Concorde’s titanium alloy heat shield.

5. The Scent of Paradise Coins (Palau)


Have you heard about the amazing initiative in Palau?

They have devised a brilliant idea to create coins that look beautiful with their bright colors and smell wonderful, all inspired by the island’s breathtaking landscapes. In 2009 and 2010, two silver coins were issued with a face value of 5 dollars each.

They were produced in a limited quantity of 2,500 pieces each. If you gently rub these coins, they reveal the smells of the ocean and coconuts.

The Dinosaur Coins (Canada)


In 2012, they issued a Canadian coin of 25 cents with a total of 25,000 pieces.

This item has a special feature – a Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai dinosaur that glows in the dark.

I present the first-ever photo-luminescent coin that is part of the 4-coin Prehistoric Creature series.

The Unique Shape Coins (Somalia)


Let me tell you, this African country takes the cake when it comes to unique and captivating coin designs.

Wow, those 2008 1 dollar silver-plated coins have an incredible shape!

Literally! When we think of a coin, we picture a small flat round piece of metal.

However, that is not what the Central Bank of Somalia had in mind.

These 3D geometric shapes – pyramid, cube, orb, cylinder, and cone – are truly one-of-a-kind. They proudly bear the Coat of Arms of Somalia.

Due to the immense interest they generated, they were reissued in 2012.


The Somali Bank has authorized a series of six multicolored coins that resemble a badge more than a coin.

The 2007 copper-nickel-silver-plated Somalian one-dollar coins were shaped like Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The Somali guitar coins from 2004. These coins have become quite popular among collectors and guitar enthusiasts alike.

Famous electric guitars, like the classic red-and-white Les Paul, a black Gibson Flying V, and others, inspire our designs.

With this initiative, the Somali government aimed to enhance their country’s overall reputation and align it more closely with Western civilization.


Before you go…

These are just a few of the many rare coins in the world. The next time you’re looking for something unique and special, try searching for one of these!

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