7 of the Most Valuable Sacagawea Coins!

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Discover the stunning beauty and hidden value of the Sacagawea dollar – one of the most exquisite coins ever minted in the United States.

Discover the hidden value of these one-dollar coins that can exceed their face value.

Discover the immense value of Sacagawea dollar coins, with some fetching an impressive six-figure sum.

Discover the allure of these stunning treasures simply by glancing at your pocket change.

These beauties will catch your eye with their iconic golden hue and exquisite design.

Then, put them aside and pick up your magnifying glass to examine the intricacies.

Why the Sacagawea Dollar Is Valuable

Introducing the Sacagawea dollar! The US Mint proudly started circulating this iconic coin in the year 2000.

Experience the tribute to Sacagawea, the remarkable 15-year-old Shoshone Native American who was crucial in guiding Lewis and Clark on their legendary expedition across the United States.

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the historic expedition from 1804 to 1806 with the issuance of the dollar coin.

Experience a rare piece of American history with this unique coin featuring a prominent female figure. A true gem for any collector.

Experience the thrill of owning rare coins that were never released for circulation.

Some years were exclusively made for collectors, making these coins a must-have for any serious collector.

However, with a mintage of 71 billion coins, these precious pieces are rare among the vast array of US currency.

Discover the value of a 2001 Sacagawea dollar! Despite its one-dollar face value, the rarity of these coins makes them worth more.

Even a well-circulated 2001 Sacagawea dollar is usually valued at a minimum of $1.05.

Most Valuable Sacagawea Coins:

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar and Statehood Quarter Mule


Discover the fascinating world of coin collecting and learn about the rare and coveted “mule” coin. This unique piece features two designs not typically found together, making it a true collector’s treasure.

First, experience the rare and unique 2000-P Sacagawea dollar and statehood quarter mule, where one side showcases the iconic Washington’s head and a stunning quarter design.

In contrast, the other boasts the majestic soaring eagle design on the back of a Sacagawea dollar.

Next, behold the radiant hue of the Sacagawea dollar embodied in this exquisite coin of pure gold.

Next, discover the rarity of this minting error with only 18 known examples.

Finally, witness the value of this unique piece as one sold at auction in 2022 for an astounding $144,000.

2014-D Sacagawea Dollar and Presidential Dollar Mule


Discover the incredible worth of a Sacagawea dollar coin that is a rare mule with a presidential dollar.

This highly coveted coin is a true gem for any collector. Introducing the one-of-a-kind mule coin featuring a rare error – a Sacagawea dollar on the front and a presidential dollar on the back.

This exceptional coin is the only known example of its kind. This is the kind of story that coin collectors adore.

Discover a rare find in this unique coin that was stumbled upon in 2019, simply mixed in with a bag of dollar coins at a local bank.

This exquisite item fetched a remarkable $84,000 at auction in 2021.

2000-D Sacagawea Dollar and South Carolina Quarter Mule


Experience the thrill of a rare and captivating mishap with the Sacagawea dollar coin!

Witness the unforgettable moment at the Denver Mint in 2000 when the front of a Sacagawea dollar was unexpectedly paired with the back of a South Carolina statehood quarter.

Unearthed after two decades, this coin fetched a staggering $66,000 at auction in 2022. Discover the unparalleled rarity of this singular specimen.

2000 Lincoln Cent Struck on a Sacagawea Dollar


This exceptional instance of a minting error is undoubtedly valuable, as is often the case with such occurrences.

Discover the unique and intriguing coin that features a Sacagawea dollar with an unexpected twist – a stamped Lincoln cent.

Discover a hidden treasure in your coin collection! A rare dollar coin lies beneath the penny stamp, waiting to be uncovered.

While the penny dates back to 2000, the mysterious dollar coin’s date remains a mystery.

Don’t miss your chance to add this unique find to your collection. Experience the rarity of this super cool error!

Only one known example exists! In 2015, this exceptional piece sold for over $35,000.

2000-P Cheerios Sacagawea Dollar Coin


Experience a piece of history with the Sacagawea dollar! In 2000, Cheerios cereal and the US Mint offered a special promotion.

Lucky customers had the chance to discover this iconic coin in select cereal boxes.

Discover the rarity and value of these new Cheerios coins. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add them to your collection.

First, experience the beauty of the inaugural Sacagawea dollar strikes, featuring exquisitely defined feathers on the majestic eagle.

Then, discover the true value of your item by having it professionally appraised. In 2008, a staggering $34,500 was paid for one.


You can own this rare coin here

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar on Susan B. Anthony Planchet


Introducing a one-of-a-kind coin – a Sacagawea dollar imprinted on a Susan B. Anthony dollar planchet (or coin blank).

Introducing the new silver-colored Sacagawea dollar! Unlike the traditional golden hue, this coin boasts a sleek and modern silver finish reminiscent of the beloved Susan B. Anthony coins.

Discover an extraordinary minting error that fetched an impressive $16,800 in 2022.

Add This Coin To Your Collection

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2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Struck on a Massachusetts Quarter


Discover a rare and valuable minting error – a Sacagawea dollar stamped on an already-struck Massachusetts quarter.

Behold the exquisite design of the quarter, elegantly displayed beneath the captivating portrait of Sacagawea.

Own a piece of history with this rare coin that fetched over $8,800 at auction in 2017.

Before you go…

Many other Sacagawea dollar coins are valuable, but these seven are some of the most valuable. If you have any of these coins, it might be worth checking out how much they could be worth!

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