How to Tell if a Sacagawea Coin is Rare?

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How to tell if a Sacagawea coin is rare? These coins are unique and beautiful and can also be valuable!

In this article, we’ll look at these coins and if we can identify which are rare! Let’s jump in!

How to Tell if a Sacagawea Coin is Rare?

Well, folks, the Sacagawea dollar coin is a favorite among coin collectors, but it’s not always worth a lot of money.

To find out if you have a rare Sacagawea dollar coin, you’ll need to do some research.

These coins haven’t gained much value, but you might find a few worth a little more than their face value.

My biggest help, as always, when collecting coins and determining if something is worth keeping is The Red Book.

You can also try searching for online guides on coin prices in addition to the Red Book.

Examples of Rare Sacagawea Coin:

The 2000 P Wounded Eagle Die Variety


The 2000 P Wounded Eagle Die Variety is a rare and precious sacagawea coin that would make a wonderful addition to your collection.

The wounded eagle dies variety of the Sacagawea dollar coin is caused by a die gouge that gives the appearance of a spear or arrow piercing the breast of the eagle.

If you want to identify this coin, you should look for a line that goes through the eagle’s breast and enters near the center of the chest.

The line should then exit towards the right near the wing on the reverse side of the Sacagawea dollar coin.

Folks, there are only approximately 100 of these coins in existence.

However, it’s plausible that more may surface. So, be sure to examine your 2000 P Sacagawea dollars!

In 2017, an MS68-graded Wounded Eagle Sacagawea coin specimen was sold for $5,160!

The 2000 P Goodacre Presentation Specimen


Ladies and gentlemen, the 2000 P Goodacre Specimen is a rare and valuable Sacagawea dollar.

However, it is highly unlikely that you will come across this coin in circulation.

This is because all 5,000 coins were encapsulated by ICG (Independent Grading Service), although they were not graded.

The Mint struck 5,000 dollar coins specifically to give to Glenna Goodacre as payment for designing the obverse of the Sacagawea Dollar coin.

We have a special strike and hold the novelty of paying the artist, which adds to its value as collectible coins.

So, in 2013, an SP69-graded Goodacre specimen sold for $5,288!

The 2000 P Cheerios Dollar Coin


The 2000 P Cheerios dollar is a unique dollar coin exclusively released in Cheerios boxes during the initial promotion of the Sacagawea dollar.

The United States Mint collaborated with General Mills to include 5,500 coins in Cheerios boxes as a promotional offer for the new dollar coins.

Well, folks, it turns out that a few of those dollar coins were unique compared to the rest of the 2000 P dollar coins.

Interestingly enough, only a limited number of these special Cheerios dollars have been uncovered thus far.

What makes the Cheerios dollar different? It has an enhanced reverse. You’ll find an eagle on the flip side of the Sacagawea dollar.

Meanwhile, the eagle on the Cheerios dollar boasts more intricate details on its tail feathers.

Wow, did you know that in 2020, a Cheerios Dollar Coin graded MS68 was sold for a whopping $10,200?

The 2007 Sacagawea Dollar Coin with Edge Lettering


And finally, folks, we have the rarest coin on our list. Believe it or not, there’s only one known to exist!

Why is the Sacagawea dollar coin with edge lettering the most valuable coin?

You see, the fact that only one of these exists already makes it quite rare, increasing its value.

Why’s it rare? This coin’s edge lettering is only supposed to be on the Presidential dollar coins!

So what happened was this coin got mixed up with the Presidential dollar coins.

It probably happened because someone found it on the ground and mistook it for a presidential dollar without really checking it. In 2012 it sold for $17,161!

Before you go…

There you have it! I hope this article has helped you understand the rarity of Sacagawea coins! There aren’t a lot of rare Sacagawea coins out there, but you never know! If you have any suggestions for topics to cover, leave them in the comment section! Happy Collecting!

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