Are Funko Pops Worth Anything?

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Funko Pops have become a popular collectible item in recent years. These vinyl figurines feature characters from various franchises, including movies, TV shows, and video games.

Some collectors may wonder if their Funko Pops are worth anything, and the answer is yes, but it depends on the specific Pop.

Certain limited-edition or exclusive Funko Pops can be worth significant money. For example, a metallic version of the Batman Funko Pop from San Diego Comic-Con 2010 sold for $10,000 in 2019.

However, most Funko Pops are not worth much more than their retail price.

It’s important to note that the value of a Funko Pop can fluctuate over time and is influenced by factors such as supply and demand, the popularity of the franchise, and the condition of the Pop.

What Is Funko Pop?


Funko Pops are vinyl collectibles that come in various shapes and sizes. Funko, the same company behind other famous lines like Dorbz, Hikari, and Vynl, makes them. The word “funko” is derived from “funny” and “nana,” which means grandmother in Hawaiian.

Funko Pop! figures are usually bobbleheads or statuettes. They can be purchased in stores like Hot Topic and online from major retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Brief History of Funko Pop

Funko Pop is a line of collectible vinyl figures created by Funko in 2005. The blind boxes are now considered one of the most popular toys for adults and kids. They have been featured in many popular movies, TV shows, and video games, such as Deadpool 2 and Fortnite.

The name “Funko” comes from the company founder’s nickname: Funko is the childhood nickname he acquired due to his love for funk music.

The first Pop! figure was Darth Vader from Star Wars: A New Hope. Since then, they have expanded their range to include thousands of characters from various franchises such as Marvel, Harry Potter, Pixar, etc.

Why Is Funko Pop so Popular?

Before answering the question are funko pops worth anything, we should ask why it is popular. Pop culture has found its way into our lives in many ways, and it’s no surprise that Funko Pops are one of the most popular collectibles on the market.

These adorable little figures are based on popular characters from TV shows and movies, so they appeal to fans of all ages. More importantly, they’re super fun to collect!

Collecting Funko Pop! figure is an excellent hobby for people who like collecting toys or merchandise from their favorite properties. It’s also an excellent way to remember your favorites without choosing just one favorite thing about them—you can have multiple Funko Pops representing each character you love!

Are Funko Pops worth anything? Are they worth collecting?

Many people ask whether or not they are worth anything and if they are worth collecting.

The answer is that it depends on the specific Pop and its rarity. Some rare or discontinued Pops can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while others may only be worth their original retail price.

Ultimately, whether or not Funko Pops are worth collecting is up to the individual collector and their personal preferences. However, it is important to note that collecting Pops can be an enjoyable hobby for many people.

Are There Different Types of Funko Pop?


Yes, there are many different types of Funko Pop figures. Several figures are based on popular characters from movies and television shows, such as Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars.

Each character is available in different variations, including different outfits or expressions. Some Funko Pop figures are rarer than others and may cost more money.

Some people collect Funko Pops for the sake of collecting; they will buy every one they can find regardless if it’s worth anything. 

Other collectors only want certain characters they feel passionately about and don’t care if they’re valuable because they have no intention of selling them later (these individuals might sell their collection someday, but only when it becomes too much to store).

If you plan on buying your first Funko Pop figure soon, we recommend starting with something everyone loves, like Batman or a character from one of your favorite movies or TV shows!

How Much Does A Funko Pop Cost?

Two important factors determine if are funko pops worth anything:

  • The character itself. Some characters are much more popular than others, so you can expect to pay a little more for their figures. For example, the Darth Vader Funko Pop! costs $10-$12 on Amazon, while Gandalf only costs about $10. But if you want to get your hands on an Iron Man or Black Panther Funko Pop!, it will cost you upwards of $25-$30 (or even more).
  • Rarity. A rarer figure will be pricier than one easier to find in stores and online retailers. The most expensive line available right now is from Disney’s Frozen—and some go for over $100 each!

Where Can I Buy Funko Pop?

Now that you’ve started collecting Funko Pop! figures, it’s time to determine where to buy them. There are a few options available for buying your favorite figurines:

  • Online and in stores
    • You can find Funko Pop! figures in both online and retail locations. Amazon is a great place to look if you want something shipped right to your door, while Wal-Mart or Target are good options if you want something closer by.
  • Conventions
    • If there is an upcoming convention near you, be sure not to miss it! Plenty of vendors will sell all kinds of pop culture memorabilia, including Funko Pops! You may even get lucky enough to find some rare ones at bargain prices (or maybe even get lucky and win one).
  • Sales and Deals
    • The best way we’ve found so far has been through sales and discounts on sites like Groupon or Living Social. They usually run sales every couple of months, so keep checking back now and then because these deals only last a short time before they disappear forever!

Tips on Starting Your Own Funko Pop Collection


Once you’ve been introduced to Funko Pop! collecting, there are a few ways to build your collection. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of adding more and more characters, it’s essential to stay focused on what matters most—finding out which ones you love.

If you’re starting with your Funko Pop! collection, purchase just a few of your favorite characters from one show or movie.

For example, if you’re a big fan of Disney movies like Frozen and Aladdin, those would be excellent for starters. Or, if you love video games like Assassin’s Creed or Call Of Duty (or all three), those may also be good places to expand into other media properties.

Of course, there are no rules when it comes down to collecting Funko Pops! You can collect whatever strikes your fancy at any moment—whether it’s an obvious choice like Batman or an obscure option such as Steve Urkel from Family Matters—and find happiness doing so!

We hope our guide has helped you answer questions about whether you are funko pops worth anything and better understand the world of Funko Pop! If you’re a beginner, it can be intimidating at first.

But collecting can be fun once you know what to look for and where to start!

Before you go…

With so many options, don’t be afraid to experiment with new characters or styles until something clicks. And most importantly: have fun!

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