4 Best Coin Collecting Apps For Android and iOS

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What are the best coin collecting apps for Android and iOS? While you can certainly create your coin collection by hand, plenty of apps are out there to make your collection easier to manage and more fun to enjoy.

These apps will help you find coins from all over the world, estimate their worth, keep track of them as they change hands in exchange for other valuable items, and even learn more about each coin’s history.

Why is it a Good Idea to Have a Coin Collecting App?

Having a good coin collecting app will make your life much easier to track your collection.

These apps can sort your coins by year, rarity, or type. It can also help you learn more about coin grading and rare coins.

Some apps offer premium services, but all are free downloads for Android and iOS users.

The Best Coin Collecting Apps for Android and iOS:

PCGS Coin Facts App


PCGS Coin Facts App is probably one of the best coin-collecting apps for Android and iOs today for your coin collection!

PCGS CoinFacts App has the largest library of coins in the market! It can help you identify over 36,000 US Coins! You can also see the full price of all the coins available for sale.

Key Points:

  • Free for Android and iOS users.
  • Over 36,000 US Coins are available in their library.
  • Full PCGS Price Guide for coins.
4 Best Coin Collecting Apps For Android and iOS 10

NGC Coin Collecting App


Like the PCGS Coin Facts App, NGC Coin Collecting App has its own merits when discussing coin collection apps.

NGC Coin Collecting App includes services like verifying NGC Registration, accessing NGC Census, and even using the NGC Registry, which is constantly updated.

Key Points:

  • Verify NGC Certification resource.
  • An optimized version of the NGC Census.
  • Images are also displayed for nearly 15 million NGC-certified coins.
4 Best Coin Collecting Apps For Android and iOS 11



Maktun offers services like identifying coins and banknotes for you and detailed information about coins and banknotes, and it can also manage your coin collection.

Makes a detailed list of exchanges, sales, or purchases.

Key Points:

  • Identify the coin and banknote by the photo from the phone. Maktun already knows about 300 000 types of coins and 120 000 types of banknotes.
  • Get an approximate value of the coin.
  • Share coins and banknotes with friends and other collectors.
  • Always have your collection at hand. Even with no internet connection.
4 Best Coin Collecting Apps For Android and iOS 12

PCGS Set Registry


One of the most important benefits of the Registry is that it enables members to take inventory of their coins, track costs, and view their sets conveniently.

This ultimate management tool lets you register your PCGS-graded coins and build sets with high-resolution TrueView images.

Members can also add non-PCGS graded coins to their inventory to manage their entire collection.

Key Points:

  • Add coins to your collection with the Quick Add feature by scanning the cert verification code with your Android device.
  • Manage your collection & review set rankings and completion percentages.
  • Search the U.S. coin database to autofill your coin details.
4 Best Coin Collecting Apps For Android and iOS 13

Are These Apps Free?

These apps can be downloaded from your App Store or Google Play Store; they are free! Some of them also provide premium services for your coin collection.

These apps can help you with your coin collections and can help you know more about your coins or collection.

I hope this article helped answer your question about the best coin-collecting apps for Android and iOS.

Some friendly tip, before you acquire some premium service for some apps, enjoy the free services before deciding to acquire a premium service!

Before you go…

This is to help you not waste your money on services you don’t need for your collection. That’s it for the best coin-collecting apps for Android and iOS phones! Now that you know more about coin-collecting apps, it’s time to start using them!

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