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I'm Natasha Jones, an avid collector of coins, stamps, and paper money. My passion drives me to seek unique finds, from antique shops to international exchanges. I enjoy connecting with fellow collectors through forums and meet-ups, sharing discoveries and insights. Collecting, for me, is about preserving history and building a community around this shared interest.

The best coin collection site is one that has all of the features you need. For some people, that means a site that allows them to buy and sell coins.

For others, it provides information on different coins or even a way to learn more about them. Whatever your needs are as a coin collector, we’ve got your back!

In this article, we’ll go over some of our favorite coin collection sites so you can find one that works for you too:

Best Coin Collection Site for Selling Coins

1. CoinsForSale


CoinsForSale is one of the best websites for you to sell your coins. Maybe you haven’t heard of this site before, but it has its own merits in selling your coins.

First, unlike Etsy, they don’t charge you for every listing you make. Also, they already have over 10,000 users registered.

That may not sound like much but considering they only deal in collectible coins and bullion, that’s a large number!

Finally, they only charge you a 5% selling fee, even if you sell your coins for $100,000!


  • 5% selling fee.
  • Unlimited free listings.
  • Not a coin retailer or shop.
  • Dedicated to selling coins and bullion.


  • No auction option.
  • The company is new.
  • Small community (but rapidly growing)



If you’re busy and cannot sell your coins, this site is for you! APMEX offers someone to sell your coins for you!

They work like a pawn shop with competitive pricing, and you don’t have to list any of your coins in an online shop!


  • Almost guaranteed to sell.
  • Established business.
  • You don’t have to list coins.


  • They won’t pay you until after they receive your coins.
  • You cannot sell coins with low value.

3. eBay


Maybe the best site for you to sell your coins. With 182 million users worldwide, it’s a no-brainer that you can sell your coins quickly on eBay.

But, with 182 million users worldwide, it still can be challenging for you to sell coins because eBay has a vast category of items on its website.

So, you need to build a clientele base of coin collectors to sell your coins quickly!


  • Vast audience.
  • Can do auctions.
  • You can sell anything.


  • Competition.
  • Wide variety of categories of items not related to coins.
  • Listing has a limit.

Best Coin Collection Site for Buying Coins

1. The United States Mint


The United States Mint offers a one-stop shop, from researching, sales, and auctions!

The shopping category offers coins and medals presently minted and available for purchase!

If there are unsold coins from the past years, those still may be on sale. But if you’re looking for an older coin, visit your local coin shop or find them online.


  • Coins are 100% authentic.
  • You can buy coins at retail prices.
  • Easy access to commemorative coins and little minted coins.


  • Only coins that are presently minted are available for purchase.
  • Older coins are not available.

2. Heritage Auctions


The world’s largest coin auctioneer, based in Dallas, Texas. One of the oldest coin companies in the world, established in 1976.

Heritage Auctions offer a broad category of coins, from U.S. coins to world coins, rare coins, and even memorabilia.

They are also the leading seller of rare and valuable coins that the average coin collector may purchase for their collection!


  • Trusted by many collectors.
  • Offers a wide range of coins.
  • Has a selection of rare and valuable coins.


  • 20% buyer’s fee.
  • Shipping charges.
  • An average collector can afford not all coins.

3. eBay

eBay is also one of the sites where you can buy coins. They also offer a wide range selection of coins.

What’s great about this is that you can reasonably find rare coins and collectibles for sale!

But always remember, when dealing with eBay, do your research and have second opinions on the coins you want to buy.


  • A wide range of coins.
  • You can buy coins at a low price.
  • Actual pictures are posted.


  • The authenticity of coins.
  • You can be scammed.
  • Some sellers do not reply to inquiries.

Best Coin Collection Site for Coin Information

1. PCGS CoinFacts


The PCGS CoinFacts is one of the best websites for coin information! They cover almost every issue of the United States coins ever minted!

It also has detailed information about the coins, what type of metal is used, how much it weighs, how much it is, and many more!

So, if you’re new to coin collecting and want to know more about coins, I suggest you go to this website to learn more about the history of coins!

2. Newman Numismatic Portal


Whether you’re new to coin collecting or an advanced numismatist, Newman Numismatic Portal has something for everyone!

It has an Encyclopedia section for beginners with almost 100,000 books available and fully searchable!

They also have bibliographies of almost 3,000 people with a significant connection to numismatics.

This site is a great way to learn about the history of coins and the early numismatists who paved the way for coin collecting today!

3. CoinNews


CoinNews offers a collection of numismatic articles and coin collecting price tools. This is one of the top coin collecting sites in the numismatic industry!

The site is updated daily with new articles and even breaking news about coins tailor-made for coin collectors.

This site also covers news on the U.S. Mint, world mints, and news that affects bullion prices!

Best Coin Collection Site for Coin Appraisal

1. Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)


PCGS is one of the oldest coin grading services in the world. Founded in 1985, PCGS has built its reputation for grading coins!

Coins graded by PCGS tend to have high resale value and a strict grading policy!

Unlike other services that accept any item sent to them for grading, PCGS only accepts coins that meet their high-quality control standards.

In addition, they won’t grade a coin unless it meets their requirements for being authentic and genuine. Talk about strict policy.

2. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)


NGC is also one of the best coin grading services in the world. NGC is the top competitor of PCGS when it comes to grading coins—founded by David Hall and John Albanese, who both worked at PCGS.

After founding NGC in 1987, it became one of the world’s most trusted coin grading companies.

With over 30 million coins graded over the years, NGC has made a mark in the coin industry, and that’s why collectors trust this company when it comes to grading coins!

Before you go…

Coin collecting is a fantastic hobby, and it can be fun to learn more about coins. However, there are many ways to collect coins, so finding the best coin collection site for your needs is important!

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