7 Reliable Coin Collecting Shops You Can Find in Vancouver

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I'm Natasha Jones, an avid collector of coins, stamps, and paper money.My passion drives me to seek unique finds, from antique shops to international exchanges.I enjoy connecting with fellow collectors through forums and meet-ups, sharing discoveries and insights.

Coin collecting is a fun hobby and one that all ages can enjoy. If you’re in Vancouver and looking for reliable coin shops, then here are seven reliable places where you can go to find great deals on coins!

Coin Collecting Shops YOu Can Find In Vancouver:

Vancouver Coin & Paper Money Dealer


In terms of purchasing older Canadian, American, and foreign coins and paper money, they are among the highest in the world.

In addition, they have been buying and selling rare items such as coins, currency, stamps, timepieces, tokens, medals, banknotes, and militaria for over 40 years.

  • Address: 700 W Pender St Suite #750, Vancouver, BC V6C 1G8, Canada
  • Telephone Number: +1 877-646-5303
  • Hours: Monday – Friday (09:00 AM – 04:00 PM)
  • Website: https://www.vancouvercoins.ca/

All Nations Stamp & Coin


Located in Vancouver’s desirable Dunbar area, All Nations Stamp and Coin is a one-stop shop for collectors of stamps, coins, and other memorabilia.

Plenty of free parking is available on the street, and the store is conveniently located near the Dunbar bus stop and several different Translink lines.

They’ve been helping people with their needs since 1949, and they love that they can offer their clients over 70 years of experience.

  • Address: 5630 Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC V6N 1W7, Canada
  • Telephone Number: +1 877-646-5303
  • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (09:30 AM – 05:30 PM)
  • Website: https://allnationsstampandcoin.com/

Chantou International Coin & Stamp


Chantou International Coin & Stamp has been in the industry since 1970, founded by Giuseppe Iorio.

Their expertise when it comes to coins is superb! They are one of the most trusted dealers in Vancouver and offer great deals!

  • Address: 6537 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3T4, Canada
  • Telephone Number: +1 877-646-5303
  • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (09:00 AM – 05:30 PM)
  • Website: N/A

Silver Gold Bull


They’ve got tens of thousands of happy consumers who’ve decided to take control of their financial destiny by buying gold and silver.

They promise to go above and beyond for their customers during their entire bullion purchase process.

Thousands of satisfied customers have shared their appreciation for the company’s professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to making the purchase of precious metals as simple and secure as possible.

  • Address: 1066 W Hastings St Suite 2000, Vancouver, BC V6E 3X2, Canada
  • Telephone Number: +1 877-646-5303
  • Hours: Monday – Wednesday (05:00 AM – 07:00 PM); Thursday & Friday (05:30 AM – 06:00 PM); Saturday (06:00 AM – 03:00 PM)
  • Website: https://silvergoldbull.ca/

J&M Coin & Jewellery Ltd


They offer various services and are considered among the best coin dealers in Canada. Every circulating Canadian currency, coin set, and specimen coin is represented in their online Coin Catalog.

While Canadian goods are their forte, they also deal in current coins, paper currency and bullion, grade coins, and more.

They’ve been doing business for almost 50 years, so they know their way around the coin and bar market, the jewelry and watch business, the foreign exchange market, auctions, and repairs.

  • Address: 1654 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2S1, Canada
  • Telephone Number: +1 604-876-7181
  • Hours: Monday – Friday (09:30 AM – 06:00 PM); Saturday (09:00 AM – 05:30 PM)
  • Website: https://www.jandmcoins.com/

Vancity Coin and Stamps

Vancity Coin and Stamps is one of the shops you can check out! They offer a variety of services that can fit your needs.

In addition, they have broad knowledge about coins and might even have some rare pieces in their collection!

  • Address: 422 Richards St #170, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4, Canada
  • Telephone Number: +1 604-351-3463
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday (08:00 AM – 05:00 PM); Sunday (10:00 AM – 04:00 PM)
  • Website: N/A

Au Bullion Vancouver


You won’t find better prices on investment-grade bullion goods anywhere in Canada than at Au bullion, Canada’s best precious metals dealer.

They sell a variety of Gold, Silver, and Platinum bullion goods, and you can visit their offices in Brampton, Ontario, or Vancouver, British Columbia, to do so.

  • Address: 736 Granville St Unit 930, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3, Canada
  • Telephone Number: +1 604-676-4838
  • Hours: Monday – Friday (08:30 AM – 05:30 PM); Saturday (11:00 AM – 04:00 PM)
  • Website: https://aubullion.ca/

Before you go…

That’s the whole story! The abovementioned are only some Vancouver coin and currency dealers available. Check out these stores first if you’re on the market for a collectible coin or postage stamp. They have been in business for some time, so they should be well-versed in dealing with collectors like yourself.

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