CSN Coins: A Bargain or A Ripoff?

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Shopping networks are everywhere. There are QVC, HSN, and Home Shopping Network (HSN) in the US. In Canada, there’s The Shopping Channel.

But the question is, are they authentic, or should you stay away from buying them? This article will discuss whether they are a good investment or a scam.

We’ll include some reviews from consumers who bought coins from them, and let’s see what they have to say!

What is Cable Shopping Network?


Cable Shopping Network (CSN) is a TV shopping network that sells products through infomercials.

It is the largest cable shopping network in the United States and offers hundreds of products, including health and beauty items, home goods, and entertainment.

For the layman who has never heard of Cable Shopping Network before: it’s basically like QVC or HSN but on TV instead of online.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy CSN COINS?

No. CSN coins are not authentic, so there’s no way to tell whether they’re real or fake. Furthermore, the company needs to be more reputable and have a history of scamming customers.

Plus, collecting the coins isn’t all that exciting; most collectors need to figure out what to do with them once they’ve collected enough!

Finally, buying these coins will only encourage the company to continue making counterfeit products to profit off their customers’ ignorance—it’s not worth spending your hard-earned money on something like this!

Reviews from the Customers:


CSN is one of the most popular shopping networks and has been around for years.

They have a large customer base, making their coins very easy to use.

However, many customers are skeptical about these coins. Here are some of the reviews from the customers who bought coins from CSN:

When I did the online order, when purchasing the type I and type II as a set, it lists quantity as 2 which was for 2 coins at the rate of $89.95 and subtotal was. $198.99 (tax and shipping.). When I called they said I ordered 2 sets. I had my invoice and explained to them that was not the case, they told me I could ship a setback but they do not refund shipping and handling. NEVER BUY COINS FROM HERE. They upcharge $10-$20 on these coins, customer service is awful, and they scam you on your orders. eBay has better deals and had the “unreleased” coins months before CSN. Awful company.”

– David Smith

“I ordered one coin came in a decent time. no documentation as to authenticity. Then I received a bill to my card for another coin. Of course the email confirming shipment has no email address. Should’ve done my home work total scam and the website looks legit with the better business seal on it. I’m going to file complaint with them next. Do not patronize this scam. Still working with my bank to recoup second unauthorized payment. Going to file complaint with the cable channel and history channel as well so these guys aren’t allowed to rip off other vets.”


Cable Shopping Network is a corrupt con show. I should read these reviews before I buy things off the TV. Well, my first and last time I bought anything off TV. Just like H from in Scottsdale Arizona who was played just the same way. All I can do is echo most of his words. The only thing that was different was I paid for ten for rolls (200coins) and the shipment did arrive in two weeks.

First thing, I did hear and see the same thing H, from Scottsdale posted. “1964 Kennedy half dollar rolls, 20 coins to a roll”, for $80 the only thing different was I bought 10 rolls (200) coins, my shipping was 30 dollars, for a total of $830.30. Just as H from Scottsdale Arizona posted, these coins were not the 1964’s they were 1965-69 coins.

NO-WHERE did they say or show the coins to be anything other than a 1964 Kennedy half dollar rolls 90% silver coins. In fact, I DVR the coin show by mistake. These are how I found the coins being offered in the first place. Most people I talked to told me CSN will lie to you. I am a believer now.

I called CSN to request a refund and they told me the same thing they posted in the Company Response 03/09/2017 here on this forum. It seemed to me she has stated this line more than a few times in the past.

If I see my money back It will have still cost me $50.00 in shipping both ways. H posted his dissatisfaction over a year ago for the same thing, how are these people able to still peddle their crap still on TV? There are a few things I learned over the years one is if it states collectible, it’s not, If it says it on the internet, It’s 50/50, If it’s on TV it’s a fantasy. I will finish by saying the same thing I started with. Cable Shopping Network is a corrupt con show.

Fifty Doller Lession

Where Can I Buy Authentic Coins?

When buying any collectible, purchasing from a reputable dealer is important.

Before you buy, ask for a certificate of authenticity. You should also avoid buying coins from third parties and ensure that the dealer has a refund policy in place in case the coin turns out not to be authentic or damaged during shipment.

Once you’ve purchased your coins, keep them safe by storing them in a display box or airtight container explicitly made for precious metals and gemstones.

Tips for Buying Coins for Collection

  • Buy coins from a reputable company: It’s essential to buy coins from a company with a good reputation. The best way to determine if a coin collector is trustworthy and reliable is by checking their website and seeing what other customers say about them.
  • Buy coins from companies with an excellent customer service team: A reputable coin shop will always offer you ample options for support, even if those options come at an additional cost. You should always be bold in asking questions or seeking guidance when collecting coins because these are some of the most knowledgeable people in the business!
  • Buy coins from companies with fair return policies: Only buy an item after first reading its return policy, no matter how tempting it may seem! It’s important for consumers like us not just to look at price tags but also consider whether we would feel comfortable returning an item if needed later on down the line – which brings us back again.

Before you go…

Now that you know more about Cable Shopping Network coins and if they are authentic, it is time to decide. The choice is yours! We hope these tips have helped you answer your questions about CSN coins. If I spend money on my collection, I want my collection to be authentic. It’s okay if I pay a little more for my collection rather than having a ripoff or being scammed by others!

Check out my next article: “Beware of HSN Coins Ripoff!

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  1. Glad to know this just about to purchase 500 dollars worth of
    F morgans..thanks reviews all seem to say csn is a rip off

  2. Its interesting that some would have a bad purchase .I Experienced my own return problem with the items being sold out only to receive something that was not my original purchase , So the question is are the graded coins by these acronym such as NGS ANNAC and so on are these authentic graders or not. Please someone respond to that

    • They are the best known independent grader in coin collecting world. However, I do get my fair share of bad purchases as well. For me, I learned from it and move on


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