How To Buy Original Pop By Using Funko Pop Serial Number Checker

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Check whether your Funko Pop is fake using the Funko Pop serial number checker. Funko Pop comes with a unique design and characters that many people love.

If you are planning to buy Funko Pop for your kid or yourself, then you need to be sure that it is an original product, or else there could be chances of getting duped into buying a fake product.

Here’s how you can make sure that the originality of your Funko Pop toy:

How to look up Funko Pop Serial Number?

You can use the Funko Pop Serial Number Checker to determine whether your Funko Pop is original or fake.

You can also use it to check the value of your Funko Pop. The serial number is located on the side of the box and its base (if there is a base).

Benefits of Buying Original Funko Pop

If you’re considering buying a Funko Pop, there are several benefits to purchasing an original Funko Pop instead of a copy.

The most obvious is that originals have a better resale value since people will pay more for them. If you’re trying to make money from your Pops or resell them later, it’s much easier with the original Pops.

Another benefit is that they’re more likely to be in good condition when they arrive. Fakes often won’t come in their original packaging and may not even be as well-made as the real thing.

Not only does this affect the price point, but also how much damage can be done when shipping – so buying originals helps prevent unnecessary damage during transit!

Finally, buying official items ensures authenticity; this ensures better quality goods and should reduce concerns over whether you received what was advertised (or even existed) when purchasing from third parties like eBay or Amazon Marketplace sellers who haven’t authorized retailers themselves.

How to Use Funko Pop Serial Number Checker

To use the Funko Pop Serial Number Checker, you’ll need to go to the website and enter your pop’s serial number.

If it is an original, you will quickly see a picture of your pop and its information (including where it was purchased). If it is fake, you will get an error message.

Examples of Fake Funko Pops

We can’t honestly say whether what we’re buying is an original Funko Pop, so how can we ensure that the Funko we’re getting is an original? Or how can we buy Funko Pops without being duped?

Here is some advice from collectors on what to look for if a Funko Pop is fake:

  1. Ships and sells from China
  2. Negative or limited reviews
  3. Large quantities available
  4. Deep discounts

Also, be on the lookout for its:

  • Serial Number

Always verify it using the Funko Pop Serial Number Checker.

Serial numbers should always include their production date, and most counterfeit products do not contain any production number or are printed using a low-quality label maker.

Serial numbers should appear in the bolder and wider text; in this case, it’s pressed down on the bottom of the box.

  • Box Artwork (Colors, Borders, Box font, logos).

As you can see in the picture below, fake Funko Pops do not care about details.

The original Martian Manhunter has a thinner border than the fake one, and the colors seem far from the original. Fake Funko Pops always has its flaws.

  • Numbers

Sometimes, even if fake Funko Pops manages to copy the box of an original, you can always see the difference side-by-side.

Like this image below, As you can see, the number 20 on both Funko Pops is different. The fake one has a slimmer font, and the original seems smaller and bolder. It can vary from other figures, but if your Funko has a thinner font, off-centered number, or numbers too close, your Funko Pop might be fake!

  • Stickers

Always look for the stickers on your Funko Pops, especially exclusive Comic-Con releases. Fake Funko Pops has a lighter background and wrong color text; as you can see in the box, the fake one doesn’t have blood on it.

Attention to detail is one of the keys to identifying a fake and an original one. If you’re new to collecting Funko Pops and having difficulties checking if your figure is fake, don’t worry. Some groups and communities can help you identify your Funko Pops!


How to Buy Original Funko Pop by Using Funko Pop Serial Number Checker

To buy Original Funko Pop, look up the Funko Pop Serial Number Checker website. The website is free to use, and serial numbers are available. By looking at its box, you can also see if your Funko Pop figure is an original or a fake.

If you search this website for your Funko Pops’ serial number, it will tell you whether your figure is original. The site shows all types of products, including Re-Action Figures and POP!s, but we will focus only on checking if a Funko Pop!

The figure uses this tool. When visiting the site, click the “Find Your Serial Number” option, which appears in red at the top right corner of the screen after clicking the “Serial Numbers” button below it. I

It might take some time for them to load all data about products sold, so please be patient while waiting for results, even though sometimes it may display immediately depending upon network connectivity speed, etc.

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We hope this article helped you better understand the Funko Pop Serial Number Checker and how it can help determine if your Funko Pop is original!

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