How Can You Tell if a Funko Pop Has Been Opened?

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Funko Pop figures have become a staple of the collectibles world. And because of that, an unopened Funko may be more valuable than an opened one.

How Can You Tell if a Funko Pop Has Been Opened?

If you’re buying a Funko Pop and are concerned that it may have been opened or damaged, there are some ways to check:

1. Check the Quality of the Box and the Plastic Clamshell.


Check the quality of the box and plastic clamshell. If buying online, look closely at the photos in your search results. Ensure there aren’t any signs of damage or other wear that indicate it has been used. If you are buying from an eBay seller, check their feedback rating to ensure they have a history of selling good-quality items (and if they don’t, keep searching!).

Check inside your Funko Pop’s box for signs that it may have been opened before – like tears or dings in the cardboard packaging – since these could be evidence that someone has tampered with your Funko Pop!

2. Check if the Box Has Any Tears, Dings, or Other Damage.

You can check a few things to see if a Funko Pop has been opened.

First, look at the box itself. Look for tears or dings that might indicate the box was damaged during its travels from the manufacturer to your hands.

Next, check all sides of the box: corners, edges, top, and bottom, as well as inside. A new pop will come in one piece with no dents or scrapes on any part of its packaging; however, many people have been known to open packages with scissors rather than rip them apart so they can get at their new toy faster!

3. Look for Signs that the Plastic Clamshell Has Been Tampered With.

To spot an opened Funko Pop, look for signs that the plastic clamshell has been tampered with. The clamshell should be sealed and free from scratches or dents. It should also not have any torn pieces.

4. Look for Creases on the Back of the Figure’s Neck.

If you’re buying a Funko Pop from a collector, you can ask them if it’s been opened. If they say yes, then that’s all you need to know.

However, if you buy your Funko Pops online or in stores like Target and Walmart, look for creases on the back of the figure’s neck. If there are no creases, it has not been opened (and is, therefore, more valuable).

But if there are creases in the plastic around their neck area (especially near where their head meets their body), they have been opened at some point!

5. Look at the Plastic Clamshell from Behind to See if it’s Loose.


If you have the figure right in front of you, look at the plastic clamshell from behind to see if it’s loose. A Funko Pop that has been opened will have a less snug feel to its packaging. You may be able to shake the box back and forth and feel some movement. If this is the case, don’t buy it!

You can also tell if a Funko Pop has been opened by looking at the bubbles on each side of your figure inside its packaging (the ones that hold up your figure). If a bubble has lost its round shape or looks flattened out, someone may have already opened up your toy before buying it!

Before you go…

The bottom line is that if you want to be sure your Funko Pop is in mint condition and hasn’t been opened before, you’ll want to look for any signs of damage on the box or plastic clamshell. If they’re damaged, likely, someone has already removed this figure from its packaging before selling it off again as new!

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