How Much is a 1965 Special Mint Set Worth

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How much is a 1965 special mint set worth?

A 1965 Special Mint Set is a type of coin from the United States that was never in circulation.

Depending on their rarity and condition, these coins can be worth more than a thousand dollars.

In this article, we’ll discuss these coins and if they are valuable.

What is the 1965 Special Mint Set?


The Kennedy Half Dollar, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and Lincoln Cent were all included in the 1965 Special Mint Set.

Starting this year, the conventional silver coins’ standard composition has altered.

The half dollar was struck in 40% quality silver rather than the customary 90% purity. In addition, the dime and quarter were struck in a copper-nickel alloy with all silver removed.

The San Francisco Mint manufactured the five coins in the set, but unlike all other coins released this year, no mint markings were utilized.

How Much is a 1965 Special Mint Set Worth?

The price of the sets, which increased significantly from the previous issue price of the mint sets and proof sets released in prior years, was $4.00 each. Collectors would order 2,360,000 of the sets despite the higher price.

Packaging included a single plastic cellophane wrapped around the five coins and a blue mint token.

This was placed inside a white envelope with a note describing the contents, protected between two pieces of cardboard.

Collectors are particularly interested in coins that feature cameo contrast in rare mint set coins. Unfortunately, these are a definite minority and are priced far higher.

Is it Worth it to Collect the 1965 Special Mint Set?


The 1965 Special Mint Set is a great coin collecting set to collect. The coins in this set are not as rare as others, so they are affordable.

This makes it easier for you to get started in coin collecting by buying more than one 1965 Special Mint Set when you buy one!

Adding this set to your collection is also a great way to learn about coins and their history.

Also, these coins are affordable, so if you’re considering expanding or starting your collection, the 1965 Special Mint Set might be the set of coins for you!

It carries a lot of history about the coinage of the U.S., especially in these particular years, due to the silver shortage.

These coins, even if they aren’t as valuable as other coins, possess a rich history of the coinage system of the United States, and you can easily learn the history associated with this type of set.

Before you go…

So, what’s the bottom line? If you have a 1965 Special Mint Set in your possession and are wondering how much it might be worth, the answer depends on several factors! As I said earlier, these coins aren’t as valuable as others, but we never know! Maybe someday it will rise in value!

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