How to Store Diecast Cars?

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A detailed diecast car collection that displays a piece of automotive history is a collector’s dream. So we thought you might appreciate this piece on maintaining your collection. In this article, we’ll look at tips on storing Diecast cars to preserve them! So, let’s dive right in!

How to Store Diecast Cars?

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My favorite way to store my diecast is by putting it into a storage case.

It is dust-free and transparent so you can easily find the toys and the best part is that it is cheap.

Many auto enthusiasts have special places or displays for their prized vehicles. They don’t need to be kept dust-free if you put them in a nice display case and give them a light coat of wax.

In addition, many collectors find that prefabricated cases best display their diecast race cars. They come in a range of sizes to better accommodate your collection needs. Last but not least, prefabricated cases are simple to disinfect.

Alternatively, some model-car enthusiasts prefer to construct their own display cases. People can choose to have experts do it for them, or they can do it themselves. Customizing a display case allows you more freedom and room for originality.

A bespoke unit could be the answer if you need more space to keep your model cars. Remember that models displayed in large cabinets with multiple shelves may benefit from additional illumination.



Diecast collectibles can be kept in mint condition by keeping them at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, and giving them light dusting regularly.

These are the steps I do to maintain and clean my diecast:

  1. Brush off the dust off
  2. Pick any dust that didn’t go away with a tweezer
  3. Blow the any remaining dust away
  4. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth
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My go-to cleaning kit is Solido Cleaning Kit. I have been using this kit for years. The cleaning set is good enough to maintain the cleanliness of my diecast toys.



For hard-to-clean surfaces, water is the best method. Use lukewarm or cold water (not dish soap) and soak the car for about a minute. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the car, then wash it thoroughly. Dry it off with cloth and then leave it until it dry.

Avoid using a hair dryer if you can. Some parts of the diecast are made of plastic and rubber, and the hot air can affect your diecast if you are not careful.

For hard-to-reach grimes you can disassemble your model car. However, only do this if you can fix it again. I learned this the hard way when my 2-year-old son accidentally knocked on my model car, and I couldn’t find the missing component.

Keep Them Away from Sunlight


Leaving your cars out in the sun for extended periods can cause the paint to fade due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

If possible, keep them inside without as much light and heat. If you must store them outside (or even in an unheated garage), shield them from direct sunlight by keeping them far from windows.

If you must store them outside, take precautions against the elements by wrapping them in bubble wrap or padding them with foam.

Before you go…

The care and upkeep of a collector’s model car collection are just as subjective as the collector’s taste in vehicles. However, if you take these basic precautions, your diecast collectibles should remain pristine for as long as possible so you can keep enjoying them. Keeping the luster on your collectibles adds to the excitement of expanding your collection, and with the right advice, you can have even more fun with this pastime. Keep your collection of diecast cars in tip-top shape by following the advice given here.

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