Spider-Man Collector Corps – Do You Need This in Your Collection?

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Funko’s Collector Corps is like a treasure chest that comes to your house filled with toys and fun things. Every box is a surprise with special toys you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s like getting an early birthday present full of superhero surprises every time a box arrives! Today, I want to review the Spider-Man Collector Corps.

What is Spider-Man Collector Corps?

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These collector boxes offer exclusive Funko Pop and other merchandise such as keychains, shirts, pins, comics, and more!

These boxes usually come with six or seven items in each box, and all of the items are released exclusively for these subscription boxes!

The subscription for these collector boxes is priced at $29.99, excluding shipping, and you can get them from Amazon!

I am excited to show you the contents of this collector’s box, so let’s look at them!


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First, look at the box and admire this artwork of Spider-Man jumping through buildings!

In my opinion, this is great artwork!


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Right off the box is a patch with the classic face of Spider-Man.

Marvel Comics used to feature something similar on the covers of their books.

Classic face of Spider-Man on this patch. I will surely use this patch and attach it to my backpack!


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The next item is this pin with the spider logo, which looks more up-to-date.

This thing also looks great!

I was amazed at how clean this pin looks! Surely a unique item to collect!


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This comic book’s cover shows Spider-Man as a Funko Pop figure.

Another great addition to any Spidey fan is this comic book, which features Spider-Man as a Funko Pop figure!

I WAS IN AWE when I saw this in the box because it features Spider-Man as a Funko Pop figure!

Anyway, this is a great addition to my Spidey collection of comics!

Fabrikations by Funko

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Look at this stuffed toy! This item is bigger because its packaging took up a lot of space in the box.

This cuddly stuffed toy is a great addition to my collection; maybe I’ll display it in my bedroom!


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The Spider-Man merchandise you never thought you needed! I like that Marvel Collector Corps’s apparel isn’t just T-shirts.

This snapback hat has a dark brim, button, and holes on the grey hat, making it look great.

On the front, the logo looks like Spidey’s Funko face. On the back, the logo looks more modern.

Funko Figure

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The last merchandise on the box is this Spider-Man Funko Pop, exclusive to this particular collector’s box, which features Spider-Man leaping!

This will be a great addition to my collection of Funko Pops!

Is it Worth Collecting?

We hit a home run with this box. I love these Marvel Collector Corps boxes! For a long time, Spider-Man has been the face of the Marvel Universe.

This is one of the best deals you can find in the world of subscription boxes.

Is it worth collecting? Yes! If you’re a fan of Spider-Man or the Marvel Universe, this box is one of my top picks from this subscription.

This subscription box is undoubtedly one of the best purchases, particularly because it includes numerous collectibles.

Before you go…

If you love collecting everything Spidey like me, and want something new to add to your shelves, this might just be what you’re looking for!

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