How Do I Know What My Funko Pops are Worth

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There will be a time in your collecting journey when you will wonder how much all your collection is worth.

From personal experience, I did these to find how much my Funko Pop is worth in the current market. it’s

How Do I Know What My Funko Pops Are Worth?

The value of all collectibles goes up and down with the market, and it is the same as that of other commodities. Supply and demand. If there is more demand and supply, the price will surely increase.

That is why buying a limited edition, Comicon edition, or a signed Funko Pop costs more because it is rare.

What Determines Funko Pop Values?


1. Rarity

The most important factor in how much your Funko Pop is worth is how rare it is.

If you have only 1 Funko Pop ever made and there is a high demand to own it, then you have hit a jackpot.

This rare thing is not only applicable to Funko Pop. I think the other authors of Grand Collector will agree with me. Rare coins, a rare stamp, or a rare diecast car are worth more than anything you can get easily every day.

No matter how it looks or how many people want it, if something is rare, more people will want it, and it will be worth more. So, if you have a Funko Pop that is very hard to find, you might be sitting on some cash.

2. Condition

Also, if your rare Pop isn’t in fine condition but still looks great and the box isn’t damaged, that could help its value increase even more!

In a reseller market, box and pristine condition are important. If you want to resell your Pop one day, keep it in the box or keep it properly.

3. Popularity

Popularity is the second most important thing when figuring out how much a Funko Pop is worth. Suppose a character is popular because it appears in games, anime, or other pop culture things like movies or TV shows. A deceased artist or character can also be a popular collectible.

In that case, many people will be willing to spend extra money on eBay or other websites where collectibles can be sold at auction prices set by how much people want to buy them.

If many collectors want your Funko Pop, it will surely increase in value quickly. The more popular the character is, the harder it is to find rare varieties of them.

Is There a Way To Track The Value of My Funko Pops?

Yes, there is! The best way to track the value of your Funko Pop is through the Pop Price Guide, Funko App and StockX are some of them!

1. Pop Price Guide

Pop Price Guide is an app that contains hundreds of merchants and thousands of Pops from your favorite Funko franchises.

Furthermore, the Pop Price Guide App contains unique features such as a UPC Scanner, QR Code, and other capabilities that no other app offers. It is by far one of the most legitimate Funatics sites.

The PPG app is essential since it considers the price of each pop posted in the Funko database and on eBay. In this manner, you may understand what individuals are willing to pay and what they want. The post includes suggestions for improving your search.


  • The app is simple to operate.
  • The database contains information from the earliest Funko Pop to the most recent.
  • Views the pricing of sold pops on eBay.
  • Shows the price history of each Funko Pop.


  • Extensive and time-consuming procedures are required to advertise a Funko Pop for sale.

2. Funko App

Funko App | Image by Play Store

The Funko App is the official place to see what new Funko Pops are coming out and which have already been released. It is always being changed when new pops come out.

It also has a database of all the Pops they’ve made, where you can scan the codes to get information about them. The pricing guide used by the Funko App is also from the Pop Price Guide, so they will display the same prices for some Funko Pops!


  • Quick load times.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Huge database.


  • The app has bugs.

3. StockX

Image by StockX

StockX is another great market where you can see Funko Pops for sale. The app is easy to use and has a comfortable user interface.

With real-time market pricing, you can see what other users are bidding on and change how much they pay for it. So, you’ll know how much other people will pay for each Funko Pop.


  • Simple to use.
  • Quick loading times.
  • Real-time pricing.
  • Shows hot items.


  • The app has some minor bugs.

Before you go…

If you have any questions about pricing or need assistance determining how much your figures are worth, please use this article as a guide in your search in finding out the value of your Funko Pops! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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