Jefferson Nickel Coin Errors

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If you’re like me and like collecting error coins, you might also want to check out Jefferson Nickels.

They tend to have a lot of errors during production, which makes them pretty interesting to collect.

I always find error coins beautiful due to their unique characteristics that set them apart from other coins!

In this article, we’ll look at them and their famous examples! Let’s dive right in!

What are Jefferson Nickel Coin Errors


So, coin errors are just coins that were made the wrong way. So basically, when a die hits a coin with the wrong design or when a blank piece of metal is put into the press the wrong way, it can cause one side of the coin to be stamped incorrectly.

As a result of their scarcity and high value, error coins are highly sought after by collectors.

For example, did you know that certain Jefferson nickel errors have the potential to be worth thousands of dollars?

I was amazed when I saw how expensive some of these coins go for! Talk about some investment, huh?

Are Jefferson Nickel Coin Errors Worth Collecting?

If you’re going to ask me, as a fan of error coins, collecting them is worth it, especially if you have the time to search for them.

However, understanding the value of these rare errors is important before investing in any new collection.

Have you thought about collecting Jefferson nickels as a hobby or investment?

It’s important to consider how much time and money you can commit to this project before starting.

Examples of Rare Jefferson Nickel Coin Errors

1971 No S


Let’s start our list with this coin! Here’s a really special coin! This Jefferson nickel is highly sought-after and rare due to its unique error variety.

The No S Jefferson nickel is a special coin only found in proof sets. It’s considered the holy grail among modern nickels!

Isn’t that amazing? This coin seems to have a high value, and one was sold in 2021 with a grade of PR-69 for $4,050!

1939 Doubled Monticello


As I recall, this is one of the oldest errors of the Jefferson Nickel. Introducing the doubled die, a fascinating error variety.

I find the striking duplication of the phrases “MONTICELLO” and “FIVE CENTS” on the flip side of the coin amazing and worthy of collecting if you have the money to add it to your collection because one of these error coins with a grade of MS-67 was sold for $4,600 in 2022!

1954-S Over D


I wanted to let you know that this coin is quite popular among collectors and is often sought after.

Identifying a 1954-S over D error can be challenging, but let’s try! If you take a closer look, you might be able to spot the original mintmark under the more visible one.

Did you know that back in 2004, one example of this coin with a grade of MS-66 was sold for $3,450? That’s a whopping $5,540.51 in today’s money!

1943-P Doubled Eye


How about this doubled-die error coin? It’s one of the weirdest ones out there. For me, this is one of the most beautiful coin errors you can add to your collection!

If you look closely at Thomas Jefferson’s eye, you can see a second eye peering to the left just below his main eye.

This is highly sought-after by collectors due to its uniqueness! One was sold for $3,738 in 2006 or $5,624.86 today!

1942-D D Over Horizontal D


This coin here is like an RPM thing. This mistake happened because someone messed up when stamping the “D” on the coin.

So, when they tried to hand-punch the mintmark for the first time, they messed up and had to punch another “D” on top of it.

So, they ended up with the “D over D” type. Wow, this coin is worth a lot! In 2006, it was sold for $32,200. If we’re going to convert it today, it’s worth $48,453.81!

Where to Buy Jefferson Nickel Coin Errors?

Discover Jefferson nickel errors at your fingertips! For me, online auction sites, coin dealers, and shows are my go-to sources for these rare finds.

I always find the hidden gems of Jefferson nickel coins by contacting my local coin club. Don’t miss out on adding these rare finds to your collection.

Ask around and see if anyone is selling their Jefferson nickels today!

Tips for Buying Jefferson Nickel Coin Errors

  • Buy from a Reputable Dealer. 
    • I advise you to exercise caution when purchasing Jefferson nickel error coins on eBay, as not all sellers may be trustworthy. I also like to check the seller’s feedback and look for any complaints regarding the sale of counterfeit or manipulated coins! It’s better to be sure, right?
  • Avoid Buying from an Individual.
    • I would advise against making any hasty decisions regarding coins with errors. It is important to note that the true value of these coins can only be determined by professional numismatists who specialize in identifying and grading error coins.
  • Don’t Buy from a Coin Dealer who isn’t a Member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA).
    • I would suggest that you adhere to the strict guidelines set by your organization when dealing with rare coins like Jefferson nickels or any other collectible currency or bullion item. This is important to ensure that you do not fall prey to unscrupulous sellers who may try to alter these items for their gain. It is especially important to be cautious when looking for mistakes made during manufacturing, as this requires a certain level of expertise.

Before you go…

I hope this article has helped you find the excitement of collecting Jefferson nickel coin errors! It’s time to add some diversity to your collection and enjoy the thrill of collecting these unique coins. If you have any concerns or topics you want to be covered, make sure to leave them in the comments! Happy Collecting!

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