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One Piece is one of the most popular anime shows in the world, so it’s no surprise that there is some excellent One Piece Funko Pops out there.

Even though we tried hard to keep this list to 10 different Pops, it was hard because there are so many great ones!

We’ll do our best not to include multiple versions of the same character and instead focus on new releases or limited editions.

So let’s get started!

Top 10: One Piece Funko Pops!

Luffy Gear Four Metallic


Straw Hat, most people know Luffy for his slim build and love of new experiences. But this Funko Pop version of him with Gear Four’s Boundman is his most impressive one.

The other two versions of Luffy can’t compare to the Zoan Devil Fruit powers in action since Zoan has such a huge body and a scary aura.

Portgas D. Ace


Ace has been dead for more than ten years, but he is still one of the most popular characters in One Piece.

So many people looked up to him because of his rough charm and magnetic personality, which impressed friends and foes.

So this Funko Pop of Ace in his prime and wearing his famous flames is an excellent way for fans to remember him.



Nami is an excellent example of “beauty with brains,” which fits her role as the Straw Hat Pirates’ Navigator, made by the show’s creator, Eiichiro Oda.

She used to be a skinny young girl, but now she is a seductively provocative woman whose Funko Pop will make your One Piece display stand out.

Nico Robin


Robin, a former bad guy who joined the Straw Hat crew, is among the most exciting people in the One Piece world.

She can copy her body parts, which is terrifying to see. I’ve seen a lot of anime, and I’ve seen a lot of superpowers.

But her Hana Hana no Mi powers were the only ones that made my skin crawl.

Thank goodness Funko chose to focus on her beauty instead of her many arms when making her into a Funko Pop.



There are many different ideas about where the mangaka got the idea for Franky, like Ace Ventura or the famous voice actor Kazuki Yao.

However, Franky is an important part of what makes One Piece what it is, no matter where he came from.

His silly antics and cringe-worthy moves can only be found in the series.

Roronoa Zoro


As the first person to officially join the Straw Hats Pirates, Zoro has seen many of Luffy’s journey.

Because of this, he is often on the list of the series’ most popular characters, and if you like One Piece, you must have his Funko Pop.

Brook (New York Comic-Con)


Most of the time, One Piece goes too far. But Brook, with his bold and fancy clothes, is the character who lives up to the anime’s over-the-top art style.

The guy is dead, but he’s still rocking his afro and clothes like there’s no tomorrow.

He always acts like the dance kings and performers of the 1970s who couldn’t live without feathery scarves or glittery suits.

Vinsmoke Sanji


Because of his family history, the ex-Vinsmoke prince is the coolest member of the crew.

That is unless there are women involved, in which case Sanji immediately lives up to his nickname as the “ero-cook” of the series.

Chopper (Flocked)


The story of One Piece is interesting, and Chopper is one of the characters that I like.

Also, the only non-human member of the Straw Hat pirates’ crew is a doctor who is also a cute mix of humans and reindeer.



God Usopp is here! The sniper for the Straw Hat.

Because he always steps up when he needs to, he is one of the most loved characters in the series.

Well, that is something that all of the Straw Hat Pirates have.

This is one of the figures you should have in your collection.

Before you go…

We hope that this list gives you some ideas for your collection. If you want more, check out our other articles on Pop! and Funko figures. Happy hunting!

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