Useful Funko Pop Guide: What are Funko Exclusives?

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As a collector of Funko Pops, I always try to buy Funko exclusives (Marvel or Disney) because you can only get them at certain stores or events!

Some of these Funko Pops have the potential to be valuable due to their exclusivity!

In this article, I’ll show you the different kinds of exclusives and some examples! Let’s dive right in!

What are Funko Exclusives

What do we mean by “exclusive”? They are, in fact, products that can only be purchased from a specific seller or at a particular event. They issue limited edition exclusives in several different methods. You should anticipate seeing items like:

Funko Exclusives

These figurines are available on the Funko website. Launches can occur every day of the week or more than once, but they usually happen on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Any time of the day may see the occurrence of these release events. Whenever I go to their website, I check if there are new exclusives!

I also follow @OriginalFunko on Twitter and Instagram, join their Funko Fan Club, and ensure you’re set up to receive their newsletter in the Notification Preferences area under Account Settings if you want to be informed when things like new items are released. Exclusives from Funko can also be purchased globally at their affiliated retailers.

Cogsworth (30th Anniversary)


One example of a Funko Exclusive is this Cogsworth figure from Beauty and the Beast.

As you can see, a sticker indicates that it is a Funko exclusive.

This was released in 2022 as a tribute to Beauty and the Beasts’ 30th Anniversary.

Retailer Exclusives

Numerous retailers, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, BoxLunch, Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, and countless others, have agreements with Funko. Sometimes, when they issue a new figure, these stores receive their exclusive version! This might be a different size, an alternate costume, pose, or glow-in-the-dark.

Release dates fluctuate, so if you’re hoping to get your hands on a retailer exclusive, check with your neighborhood shop or their web Customer Support department to see if it’s still in stock. Once they sell out, they are typically not restocked because they have restricted runs. Each merchant will apply their sticker to designate the box as being excluded from their location.

Cayde-6 with Chicken


An example of a retail exclusive is this Cayde-6 with chicken, released in 2018 and can only be purchased through Amazon!

As you can see from the sticker, it is only an Amazon exclusive!

Convention Exclusives

For Funko fans, the figures they sell at the event are popular goods. These figurines can be “booth only” products that can only be purchased there and typically have a small number of pieces, or they can be “shared exclusives” that can only be purchased at a partner store or on Funko Shop.

In either case, those who bought tickets on-site will have a sticker to prove they’ve taken in the unique atmosphere of the conference floor! One can only be purchased by getting in front of the queue by winning a lottery drawing.

Polaris (Glow in the Dark)


This X-Men Funko figure is an example of a convention exclusive released in 2021 at New York Comic-Con.

There are different convention stickers to look out for! This is only one example!

Shared Exclusives

These exclusive figures, which are offered by both the partner retailer and convention, as well as the Funko Shop, are exactly what they sound like. These are most frequently seen during conventions, so they can offer them to their collectors who can’t attend the event!

The figure and box are identical but described as a shared exclusive on the blog. They will be sold at either point with a seasonal convention sticker that looks different from the booth sticker carrying the Convention logo.



An example of a shared exclusive is this Gambit Funko Pop released in 2020 during the Spring Convention and was also released in certain Walgreens.

Before you go…

Figuring out what Funko Exclusives are can be confusing, especially if you’re new to collectibles. We hope this guide has helped clear up some of those questions!

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