Top 10: Rare Harry Potter Funko Pops

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For many of us, the Harry Potter series represents a special time. We were young, innocent, and full of wonder, and we discovered that magic was real.

But for those of us who fell in love with the books at a later age (or maybe even now), we’ve found that there’s still plenty to love about this magical world—like the Funko Pop figures!

Here are some fun-sized favorites from our favorite characters:

Rare Harry Potter Funko Pops:

The Basilisk


The Basilisk is a big snake that can kill anyone who looks at it straight on. This creature’s Pop is fascinating because it is much bigger than the others in the series.

The Pop takes up a lot of shelf space, but any Harry Potter collection needs to have it. This Pop is easy to spot because of its green scales and yellow eyes.

Unfortunately, the figure was originally only sold at Target, and the Funko app says that anyone who still wants to add it to their collection must pay an average of $60.

Rita Skeeter


Funko often makes products that are only available at Comic-Con.

However, at least one Harry Potter Pop is in the line-up most of the time. Still, when the Harry Potter Pop line started, most fans wouldn’t have thought Rita Skeeter would join the line-up.

Even though she’s not one of the most popular characters in the series, it’s always fun for Pop collectors to have less well-known characters.

Pop perfectly represents the character and comes with her famous Quick Quotes Quill. The Funko app says that fans can buy this Pop for an average of $65.

Fawkes (Flocked)


In recent years, Funko has started making Pops of Pets from the Harry Potter series, like Fawkes, Hedwig, and Fang.

Even though these animals are great additions to any collection, having them as full-size Pops that are the same size as their owners or just a little bit smaller is a bit strange, especially since Funko has made pets that are the same size as their owners with other Pops in the past.

But despite the obvious size problems, Fawkes is a very detailed Pop, and the flames around the figure’s base are a great addition.

Fawkes is one of the Harry Potter creatures that fans would love to have, which is probably why this Pop is so popular, especially since it has a flocked part. On the Funko app, this Pop’s average price is $65.

Prisoner Sirius Black


Sirius Black is first seen in the movie as a prisoner who has gotten away from Azkaban.

There is a regular version of this Pop, but this black-and-white one is based on the wanted posters for Sirius, which you can see in the third movie.

Both versions of Pop were first sold in a box that was only sold at Gamestop. This chase version is the rarer of the two, of course.

In his Azkaban uniform, Sirius has become an instantly recognizable image, and this is the only chase in the Harry Potter Funko Pop line so far. The average price for this figure, according to the Funko app, is $80.

Quidditch World Cup Ginny, Fred, and George Weasley (3-Pack)


The fourth Harry Potter book has much to say about the Quidditch World Cup, but the movie only briefly shows it.

But Funko has made money from this scene, starting with this 2019 3-pack. The three guys’ clothes in the scene show how much they love Ireland.

Ginny is wearing a big green hat, Fred has a four-leaf clover painted on his face, and George has green and white stripes under his eyes, just like in the movie.

Since this is a Comic-Con exclusive and a 3-pack of full-size Pops, it is bound to be more expensive than other sets. Unfortunately, it is also hard to get now; the Funko app says collectors must pay an average of $110 for this set.

Nymphadora Tonks


Tonks debuted in the fifth Harry Potter movie and is a fan-favorite character from the series.

Fans of Funko had been waiting a long time for a Pop of this character, and when it finally came out in 2020, it didn’t disappoint.

Tonks’s bright purple hair stands out on the Pop, which shows her as she looked in the fifth movie.

The figure is a great likeness to the character, and it’s no surprise that it’s in such high demand.

The price of this Pop has been going up since it came out, and the Funko app says it is now going for an average of $110.

Boggart As Snape


One of the best scenes at Hogwarts when Lupin shows his students a Boggart is when he does.

Neville’s Boggart looks like Snape, which is funny, and then Snape in his grandmother’s clothes, which is what this Pop is about.

Even though this scene is only a few seconds long, it is one of the most memorable and makes a great Pop.

The figure has a lot of small details, like the rabbit scarf and the vulture hat. Any collector should have it.

Since this is a one-of-a-kind Pop, it is one of the more expensive ones. The Funko app says that the average price is $115.

Cornish Pixie, Mandrake, And Grindylow (3-Pack)


This set of three small creatures was the first Harry Potter Pop item sold only at Comic-Con.

All three creatures only show up briefly in the movies, but their different looks make them great Pops.

It’s also great that, unlike some later Pops, these smaller creatures are the same size as the rest of the line.

This three-pack was hard to get even when it came out, unlike some other Pops that have become hard to find over time (especially for non-American fans).

The Funko app says that fans will have to spend an average of $135 to get this set of mischievous and scary Harry Potter magical creatures.

Harry On Broom


Harry Potter Funko Pops have gotten more and more detailed over the years, and the one of him flying on his broom is a great example.

Even though there was already a Quidditch version of the main character, the one at SDCC has Harry catching the Golden Snitch while seated on his broom.

Most Pops perfectly capture iconic scenes or moments, but this one is unique because it shows the character in a flying action pose.

There have been many versions of Harry, but this one stands out as one of the best. Unfortunately, fans will have to pay an average of $160 to add this Pop to their collection, according to the Funko app.

Luna Lovegood In Spectrespecs


Luna Lovegood is one of the best Harry Potter characters with several Funko Pops.

However, the rarest Luna Pop is arguably her most recognizable look from the series. In the sixth movie, Draco attacks Harry on the way to Hogwarts, but Luna saves him.

In the scene, she is wearing a pink coat and Spectrespecs. The Funko Pop of this moment is bright and colorful and captures the character that fans love from the movies.

The Pop is incredibly eye-catching and stands out from the rest of the series. Unfortunately, since this Pop was one of the first ones to come out for Comic-Con, it is hard to find now, and the Funko app says it costs an average of $260.

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