10 of the Best Funko Pops on Amazon!

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Amazon has a wide selection of Funko Pops to choose from, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Funko Pops on Amazon you can buy today!

Here are 10 of the best Funko Pops on Amazon:

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Best Funko Pops on Amazon:

1. Mickey in Steamboat Car


Mickey Mouse, the legendary mascot of Disney, turns 100 years old this year.

In black and white, Mickey Mouse rides in style in this adorable Funko Pop! vehicle, available exclusively at Amazon.

It is 3.5 inches in width and stands 5.6 inches tall.

The fact that this particular Funko Pop! is rendered in monochrome sets it apart from the rest.

Neither Mickey Mouse nor the steamboat car is colored. All but the Funko Pop! label and the Amazon Exclusive sticker on the box are black and white.

The one-of-a-kind coloring makes this a must-have for any Funko Pop! collector.

This Mickey Mouse Funko Pop is just one of five commemorative Disney 100th anniversary figures set to drop this year.

This one-of-a-kind figurine celebrates Disney’s first century of storytelling magic and would make a great gift for any Disney fan.

2. Bob With Burger Cart (Bob’s Burgers)


Bob Belcher, his wife, and their three kids run a restaurant with the same name as the show, which has become a fan favorite.

This Funko Pop is a great way for fans to support their favorite show.

It depicts a 5-inch tall Bob Belcher holding a spatula and ready to serve customers.

The name “Bob Burger” is painted on the side of the food truck he is standing next to.

The blue Ferris wheel on the Funko Pop! box adds a splash of fun color to the otherwise cheerful packaging.

Bob appears to be standing on the boardwalk, offering tasty burgers to passers-by when the figure is inside.

The release of The Bob’s Burgers Movie coincided with the release of this Funko Pop!

It’s one of five figurines recognizing the series, the film, and the stars. Gene, Louise, Tina, and Young Bob Belcher are also included, as is Bikini Burger Linda.

3. Sulley


Monsters, Inc., a Disney animated film, is a classic.

The film follows Mike and Sulley as they live on the scare floor in Monstropolis.

Screams from young visitors provide the fuel that keeps Monstropolis running.

Since its release in 2001, countless viewers have been won over by the film’s blend of goofiness and cuteness.

A colander rests on his head, holding the lid of a trash can in front of him.

With a startled expression, he shields himself by holding out the lid.

To mark the film’s 20th anniversary, Funko Pop released this figure in 2021.

It’s perfect for Disney or Monsters Inc. fans.

4. Optimus Prime (Metallic)


This incredible Funko Pop figure will completely revamp your collection.

Classic Toys: Optimus Prime in Metallic Form from the Transformers!

This exclusive Funko Pop figure measures 3.75 inches tall.

You can complete your Transformers collection by adding Bumblebee, Megatron, Jazz, and Soundwave.

These massive robots, known as Transformers, are on opposite sides of a conflict as Autobots and Decepticons.

Optimus Prime drives a semi-truck in his alternate mode and is the team leader.

When engaged in combat, he pulls out his trusty ion blaster.

This is a wonderful way to relive your youth by paying tribute to a well-known and widely-recognized cartoon character.

5. Witch Maggie (The Simpsons)


This adorable Funko Pop features everyone’s favorite television infant.

Size-wise, this 5.3-inch-tall, 2.5-inch-wide Funko Pop is an Amazon exclusive.

Sweet little Maggie is depicted in this as a witch.

She has a purple gown, a black cape, and a black witch’s hat with a purple bow.

She’s perched on top of a broomstick, wand in hand.

In the dark, Maggie’s skin emits an eerie green glow.

The clear base of this Funko Pop makes it look like Maggie is floating in midair.

6. Simba


In this joyful celebration of the cyclical nature of Simba, from “The Lion King,” as a Funko Pop!

Since its VHS debut in 1995, The Lion King has wowed viewers of all ages with its memorable songs, vibrant colors, and endearing characters.

The original release of this film was on videocassette, and this Funko Pop! pays tribute to that format.

The high-quality protector case mimics the style of the vintage video cassette it was made to safeguard.

As a baby, Rafiki carries Simba while his ecstatic parents look on. As an adult, Simba is depicted on the official Funko Pop! with a flaming mane of hair.

Its height is 4.5 inches. It’s a great way to show devotion to The Lion King’s history without taking up valuable shelf space with old VHS tapes.

The VHS Funko Pop! series includes this figure.

7. Mariah Carey (Christmas)


Mariah Carey is the undisputed holiday queen, so you can celebrate the season year-round with her music.

Here’s a Funko Pop! This Mariah Carey Christmas figurine will make you feel festive all year, and that’s saying something.

It stands 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and is available exclusively at Amazon.

She wears a sparkly black belt, boots, and a red and white jumpsuit covered in sequins.

She stands with her arms outstretched, ready to belt out a holiday standard, her hair swept to the side to obscure one of her eyes. Stickers reading “Diamond Collection” and “Amazon Exclusive” decorate the box’s otherwise wintry design.

8. Rugrats, Phil And Lil 2 Pack


Kids of the ’90s unanimously adored the Rugrats.

The show gave people a glimpse into the world through the eyes of an often-ignored demographic: infants.

When it premiered in 1991, the animated series immediately became a huge hit.

It has been so successful that it has inspired numerous adaptations and continues to be a major cultural force.

Phil and Lil, identical twins, are two of the most popular characters on the show.

The two were lovable and constantly got themselves into comical predicaments.

9. Walt Disney World 50th – Space Mountain And Mickey Mouse


This Walt Disney World 50th anniversary Mickey Mouse and Space Mountain Funko Pop set will allow you to experience Space Mountain’s magic without waiting in any lines.

The 50th anniversary of a popular Disneyland attraction is being commemorated with this set.

The ride’s high-velocity twists and drops through space are renowned for giving riders a sensation out of this world.

This set is fantastic for recreating some of the magic of the Disney theme parks in your home.

The included Funko Pop figures are a great way to get started or add to an existing collection.

Mickey Mouse is decked out in a full-space outfit, including a helmet and boots in red and white.

He is very pleased with his Space Mountain replica, which even has a sign that reads “Space Mountain.” The Space Mountain figure is 5.7 inches tall, while Mickey Mouse measures 3.75 inches.

10. A Goofy Movie


Want to add some silliness to your existence?

With this Funko Pop!, you finally can.

Disney’s “A Goofy Movie” VHS Cover Quite the buffoon!

Goofy, one of Disney’s all-time most popular cartoon characters, is represented here in vinyl figurine form.

The hysterical Walt Disney Company issued 1995’s A Goofy Movie.

Max, Goofy’s son, is a high school student with a crush on a popular girl named Roxanne.

To win her heart, he decides to perform an impromptu concert at the next school assembly, much to the chagrin of the principal.

After hearing about his son’s mischief, Goofy takes him on a fishing trip.

The day of departure is the same as the date Roxanne and Max had planned to go on a date.

Max tells Roxanne he and his dad won’t be in town because they’ll be featured on TV at a concert by a famous musician.

From this point on, Max’s zany journey with his goofy but loving father begins in earnest.

Before you go…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best Funko Pops on Amazon. We know there are so many more out there, but these ten are some of our favorites!

Check out my next article: “Top 10: Funko Pop Glow-in-the-Dark.”

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