11 Exclusive Funko Collector Box You Should Have

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These are in my opinion the best 11 Funko collectibles that you can collect, check out the list below:

Funko Collector Box You Should Have:

Part I:

1. Eternals Collector Corps


This Collector Corps box has “Eternals”-themed Funko items from the movie.

The box comes with a shirt, a pin, a sticker, and Ikaris and Kingo Funko Pops.

The details on both figures make them look great.

Ikaris is wearing his Eternals outfit, and Kingo is dressed as a Bollywood actor.

3. The Mandalorian Mystery Box


With the Star Wars: The Mandalorian Funko Collector Box, you can make a new path in your story.

Inside are five space-themed collectibles: two mystery Pops!, a mystery iron-on patch, a pin, and a decal.

This limited-edition collector box will be fun no matter where your journey takes you.

Bobbleheads made of vinyl are about 4 to 6 inches tall.

4. X-Men Collector Corps


With this Funko’s Marvel Collector Corps X-Men box, you can show your love for the coolest team of mutant superheroes in the history of comic books.

The X-Men have used their mutant superpowers to fight for peace and equality for 55 years.

Now, you can get these colorful heroes in this collector’s box.

This box is a tribute to old-school X-Men comics and Superheroes, and it comes with an exclusive Funko pop!

You can’t find these figures and themed collectibles anywhere else.

This box has two Funko Pops, a pair of fuzzy beast socks, Xavier’s School Notebook, and a Wolverine pen topper.

5. G.I. Joe 6-Piece Collector’s Box


You, Joe! With this one-of-a-kind Funko G.I. Joe Mystery Box, you can save the day and fight Cobra.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to join a classic hero team, including six collectibles like a G.I. Joe-themed lanyard, decal, Pop poster, and other goodies, and a Pop that looks ready for action.

Whether on the ground or in the air, it’s time to prepare for any mission with a strong team.

So bring the fun home with you today.

6. Year of the Shield Collector Corps


This box is about Captain America and was made to celebrate the hero’s 80th birthday.

It has some great things, like figures of different character versions and a pin of his original shield.

The t-shirt is perfect! It looks cute with all of those Captain America Funko Pops.

This is another great box from Marvel Collector Corps for people who love Marvel and Funko.

Part II:

1. DC Dceased Mystery Box


The DC DCeased Mystery Box is a special box that is a must-have for anyone who likes Batman or DC in general.

You’ll get 1 Pop Vinyl figure, one collector Pop pin, and one keychain, each with a Regular or Bloody version of Batman and Joker.

You’ll also get one of four stickers with different logos.

2. Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings Collector Corps


There is a lot of great stuff in the Shang-Chi Marvel Collector Corps.

It comes with two Pop figures, a pin, a sticker, and a T-shirt.

The shirt is made of high-quality material and has a great print.

It shows not only Shang-Chi but also Katy and Xialing.

This subscription is one of the best ways for Marvel fans to get the newest and coolest stuff from the franchise.

3. Attack on Titan Season Collector’s Box


Get your heart ready to give! The fate of all people is in your hands, and you are needed to help save them.

You can strengthen your defenses with the Attack on Titan Final Season Collector Box.

This limited-edition box of collectibles comes with 2 Pop! figures, two iron-on patches, a 3-pack button set, and a lanyard.

Get this exclusive Collector Box for your Attack on Titan collection to help stop the Titans from terrorizing the world.

4. Pixar Halloween Collectors Box


Pixar Halloween box sold only on Amazon!

There are two Pop vinyl figures, an enamel pin, a sticker, and a T-shirt in this exclusive Halloween set.

The new Pixar Halloween box has a Pop Mummy Woody, a Pop Sulley dressed as a vampire, an enamel pin of Boo, a sticker of Mummy Woody, and a T-shirt.

The new Pixar Halloween box is available exclusively on Amazon and includes five special collectible items featuring some of your favorite Pixar characters dressed in Halloween costumes.

5. Deadpool Bucket List 5 Piece Mystery Box 


Even after all the scary fights and dangerous adventures, Deadpool has a list of things he still wants to do.

With the Deadpool Bucket List 5-piece Mystery Box, you can add Deadpool to your Marvel collection and help him do more things on his list.

Each box has one Pop! and one Pop, One keyring, one Pop, Pen, a lanyard, and a button.

Different versions are only available in this mystery box, so you don’t know what will be inside.

6. Fantastic Four Collector Corps


What a great box of Marvel goodies, especially for fans of the Fantastic Four.

Everything in this box fit the theme and was of high quality.

It’s hard to say which item was the best. The shirt always has a cool print and a soft, breathable material.

The Pops are a great addition to your collection, especially the human torch that glows in the dark.

Before you go…

We hope this list has given you insight into the Funko Collector Boxes. We included some boxes from various franchises so that you can get an idea of each and decide which ones are right for you. If none of these appeal to you, then don’t worry! There are plenty more available online through various retailers.

Check out my next article: “20 Disney Funko Pop Exclusives You Must Have.

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