How Do You Protect Funko Pops from Sun Damage?

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Collecting Funko is one of my favorite hobbies because I’m a big pop culture fan!

But there’s one thing I’ve always wondered about: how do you protect Funko Pops from sun damage?

Can Funko Pops Get Sun Damage?


Do Funko Pops fade over time?

Yes, sun damage can occur when Funko Pops are exposed to Ultraviolet lights for extended periods (many hours, days, or months), especially when these acrylic vinyl figures are not protected by their box or a pop box protector.

UV rays pass through on sunny days with 100% clear skies, 89% scattered clouds, 73% broken clouds, and 31% overcast skies.

Funko Pop Paint vs. Normal Paint

There’s no doubt that Funko Pops are high-quality items, but the acrylic paint used to paint them will still fade in the sun over time.

Any collector needs to keep their Funko Pops from getting damaged by the sun.

LED lights don’t give off ultraviolet light, producing less heat than incandescent lights.

Ultraviolet lights give off radiation with a longer wavelength than the violet part of the spectrum.

Most ultraviolet light comes from the sun. Funko Pop sun damage can be caused by too much or too little ultraviolet radiation.

UV light can break down chemicals and speed up fading.

Consider buying UV Resistant Funko Pop Protectors, which can block up to 98% or 99% of these harmful rays.

Putting Funko Pops in the right place can be your best long-term defense against sun damage.

If you want to keep your Funko Pops in great shape, keep them and their boxes out of direct sunlight.

Just like any other acrylic toy, the sun can damage them.

How Long Will it Take for a Funko Pop Box to Fade?

It’s like asking how long a piece of string is, but a Funko Pop out in direct sunlight will start to fade after as little as two months.

After one year, the side of the box in the sun would have faded a lot.

Of course, it will depend on how much sunlight comes in through the windows and how many hours of sun your house or office gets daily, but UV light will damage even when it’s not mostly sunny.

With the help of a UV Index, you can learn more about how sun damage can affect your Funko Pops.


How Do You Protect Funko Pops from Sun Damage?

One thing that makes fans and collectors of Funko Pops and other figures disagree is whether or not to take the item out of the box.

Of course, you shouldn’t throw away the box just because you like to show off your figures.

Instead, store it carefully, but keep the Pops out of direct sunlight and, if possible, in a display case that blocks UV light.

These clear cases will show off your collection, but they won’t let in any harmful rays that would cause the Pop to fade.

Don’t use cleaning chemicals to keep your Funko Pops clean because they can remove the paint and polish.

Instead, wipe them down often with a clean cloth to remove surface dust.

Then, use a Q-tip to clean them thoroughly every couple of months, getting into all the cracks and crevices.

Best Way to Avoid Sun Damage?


We can’t say enough about how important it is to take care of the box and Pop! Store them carefully if you want to show off your Pops without their boxes.

Pack them into a bigger box and put them somewhere where heat, light, or moisture won’t hurt them.

Scratch removal kits for plastic are great for removing everything from fingerprints to deep scratches.

Sticker residue and grease marks can be removed with rubbing alcohol, and deeper scratches can be fixed with a disc polishing compound.


Don’t forget that prevention is better than cure.

You can find a way to remove scratches from plastic boxes, and you might even be able to get your Funko Pops fixed, but the only way to keep a Pop’s value is to keep both the figure and the box in perfect condition.

Keep them in UV-resistant display cabinets if you can afford them, but keep the boxes and figures out of direct sunlight if they’re too expensive.

Funko Pop figures aren’t just fun toys and an excellent way to save money. And, like any investment, you’ll want to keep it safe.

Before you go…

Funko Pop collectors can rest easy knowing that their beloved toys are safe from sun damage. As long as you store them in a cool, dark place and keep them out of direct sunlight, your collection will last for years!

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