Which Funko Pops Should I Keep in the Box

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Funko Pops have become a popular collectible item for fans of all ages. With their unique designs and vast range of characters, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to these little vinyl figures.

However, one question often arises when collecting Funko Pops, and that is the questions “Which Funko Pops should I keep in the box?”

While some collectors prefer to keep their Pops in the box for display purposes, others choose to take them out and enjoy them. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of taking your collection out of their box, and which is better!

Should I Open My Funko Pops?


As a collector, you should keep your Funko Pops in their packaging. This is especially true if you search for rare items and keep track of their condition. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the character, you should leave them in the box.

Occasionally, collectors only realize their item has been tampered with once they look online or at other collections, which can lead to disappointment when they discover they have an altered Pop!

Opening them should be no issue if you intend to trade or sell your Funko Pops and want them to decorate your home or office.

Which Funko Pops Should I Keep in the Box?

Figurines should be stored in boxes if you are a collector, especially if you intend to sell them at some point in the future. This will keep them in pristine condition and prevent deterioration.

If yours requires a little cleaning, perhaps because some of the paint has smeared or flaked off, don’t fret! You can always remove your Funko Pops from their packaging and clean them with soap and water.

Avoid getting water on the base or inside the box, as these are made of cardboard, which can warp when exposed to moisture.

Before opening your Funko Pops, you should conduct research to determine their value and whether or not they are worth opening. If your Funko Pop is common and has no value, it can be opened and displayed without reservation.

Pros and Cons of Opening Funko Pop



  • Photography – You can take great pictures of Funko Pops with your camera.
  • Space – Keeping the Funko Pop figure in its box creates extra clutter, a common problem in the industry.
  • Display – The Pops are more streamlined, do not reflect off the box in dim light, and look fantastic.
  • Dust – Due to their larger surface area, you will spend much more time blowing and cleaning your boxes than you would with a single figure.


  • Value – A Pop in its Box will not sell for nearly as much as an unpackaged Pop, which is true of all toys, Funko or not!
  • Extensive collection – Pop Funko boxes stack, so you’ll have more space if you have a large collection.
  • Preserve – The box can protect the figure as a cushion against drops.
  • Organize – Funko figures are derived from countless television shows, films, and video games. These are all labeled on the box, allowing for excellent organization.

There are various reasons to keep a Funko Pop in its packaging. It has multiple advantages and disadvantages. As a collector, there are advantages to taking them out. In the first place, they look much better on display than in their packaging! When deciding whether or not to open their Pops, I believe collectors must know precisely what they are doing. After all, there are many reasons why someone might want to keep their collection sealed.

Before you go…

In conclusion, there you have it! I hope this article assisted you in your Funko Pop collecting endeavors! It all depends on how you intend to utilize your collection. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your collection!

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