How Do I Start Collecting Funkos?

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I’ve been a fan of Funko Pop since I had my first one, and Funko Pops are currently the most popular collectible item today!

So, how do you begin if you wish to join the trend? We’ve got your back: we’ll cover the fundamentals so that when you’re ready to start collecting Funko Pops, you’ll have all the necessary knowledge!

How Do I Start Collecting Funkos?

When I started collecting Funko Pops, it was challenging because almost every figure was beautiful. It’s hard to decide what Funko Pops to collect, which characters I should start with, or even where to put them if I buy bulk orders.

So my advice is before beginning to collect, it is important to determine the type of collector you wish to be.

I’ve learned that there are numerous ways to collect Funko Pop! figures, ranging from the most basic (focusing on one’s favorite characters) to the most exhaustive (collecting all series and variants) (plus exclusives).

Whether or not you desire or require a complete set is entirely up to you; if you do, I recommend starting with our helpful guide on how to begin collecting Pops!

Factors to Consider When Starting a Funko Pop Collection

When thinking about collecting Funkos, there are a few things to consider.


The rarity always applies to Funkos that are hard to find. For example, suppose I’m into collecting my favorite character and every variant.

In that case, I may find it hard sometimes, especially if the character is in-demand and other collectors seek this particular figure!

Therefore, I suggest collecting the most common ones before finding a rare one. It’s for your benefit so that you can enjoy the hobby without the hassle of looking for a specific Pop figure.


This factor refers to how much the figure appeals to the general public.

For example, the Baby Yoda Official The Child Star Wars Mandalorian Funko Pop Vinyl is one of the most famous Funko Pop ever released because the general public was in awe when they saw how adorable this figure is!


Exclusivity refers to store or event-exclusive items. For example, every year, Funko Pop releases exclusive Funko Pops, where they collaborate with stores to release certain pops that are only available in their stores!

These Funko Pops also increase in value depending on the market.

Funko Pop Variants



Some collections have characters with a “chase” variant, a slightly different version of the original character.

Sometimes the chase version has a different outfit, and sometimes it glows in the dark.

The odds of finding or collecting a chase variant of a figure are about 1 in 6.

Even less likely was to find a chase in some older collections.



When a figure is “flocked,” it means that it has a soft, fuzzy texture rather than the usual smooth vinyl texture.



Some Funko Pops have a special glitter coating that makes your collection shine.

Glow in the Dark


This version may not be easy to tell apart because it looks like another version of the same character. However, when it gets dark, the figure will start to glow. Some figures glow all over, while others only glow in certain areas, making for an attractive silhouette in the dark.



Metallic figures look like their regular counterparts, except that some paints have a metallic sheen. One metallic paint color could also make these look like statues.



Usually covered in one color of chrome paint, this type of Pop! can make your collection look like a trophy.

Black Light


This type of variant is a more recent addition to the Funko line. Black Light figures are made and colored so that when put under a black light, they are brightest and stand out the most.

Rare Funko Pops

Some rare Funko Pops are limited edition, which means they were only sold for a limited time. These can be more expensive than common ones and harder to find, so many collectors buy them early on.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend money and get into the collecting spirit, start with something easy to understand and obtain.

It will save you a lot of time, and starting a journey with a hassle is not fun. It’s always enjoyable to take things slow!

Let’s discuss how to begin your collection now that you’re prepared.

Various methods exist to begin collecting Funkos, and your chosen technique will depend on your budget and interests.

Before you go…

We hope this post has helped you begin your Funko Pop collection. There are numerous reasons why collecting Funkos is a beautiful idea, whether it’s a pastime or a fun activity with friends.

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