How Much Do Displates Cost?

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How much do displates cost? This guide will help you find out!

How Much Do Displate Cost?


Displate metal posters usually go at around $44, excluding shipping, size, finish, and frames.

A normal medium-sized matte poster is priced at $44, while a glossy finish is priced at $55.

If you want your poster to have a frame, a medium-sized matte finish with a frame is priced at $69, and a medium-sized glossy finish with a frame is priced at $78.

A large-sized metal poster with a matte finish is priced at $89, while a glossy finish is priced at $108.

For a large-sized metal poster, matte finished with a frame is priced at $129, and a large-sized glossy finished metal poster with a frame is priced at $148.

The XL metal poster is only available in matte finish with no frame and is priced at $149, excluding shipping

Displate Metal Poster Sizes, Finish, and Frames


  • Medium (45cm x 32cm)
  • Large (67.5cm x 48cm)
  • XL (90cm x 64cm)


  • Matte (Available for Medium, Large, and XL sizes)
  • Glossy (Available for Medium and Large sizes)


  • Natural Wood Pattern (Available for Medium and Large sizes)
  • Graphite (Available for Medium and Large sizes)
  • White Wood Pattern (Available for Medium and Large sizes)
  • Black Wood Pattern (Available for Medium and Large sizes)

How to Order Displate Metal Posters?


You can buy Displate metal posters through their website!

They have a lot of options to choose from!

From passion like gaming, sports, anime, manga, space cars, etc., They also have posters of nature & travel, like animals, maps, and landscapes.

They also offer culture posters that feature movies, music, comics, tv shows, and cartoons!

Also, they offer interior design posters like pop art, paintings, artworks, minimalist, and many more!

These are just some of the metal posters they offer; all their metal posters are licensed!

How to Get Discounts?

The best thing to do to get discounts is to signup for their Displate club, which offers gifts, discounts, free shipping vouchers, and other perks!

What is Displate Club?

You can join the exclusive Displate Club when you purchase on the website.

There are many wonderful benefits, including free shipping, reduced prices, gifts, and new mounting techniques.

The cost of the membership varies depending on what you purchase, but it is valid for a full year.

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We hope this article helped you understand the costs and benefits of ordering displates. Check their website out and look for metal posters that will fit your needs!

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