Is it Weird to Collect Funko Pops?

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Funko Pops are cute little toys based on all kinds of famous people and things from pop culture.

They are part of a larger trend of collecting things like Pokémon cards and Legos, and they are just as fun to collect as any other type.

Still, some people don’t like that most people who collect Funko Pops are adults. So, is it weird to have a bunch of Funko Pops? Not at all! This is why:

Is it Weird to Collect Funko Pops?

The answer is no! Collecting Funko Pop is normal, even if you’re an adult! This is one way of people not letting the kid inside them die!

Collecting Funko Pops is fun and rewarding, especially if your collection is already starting to grow in numbers.

Even if some people think it is weird for adults to collect Funko Pops, they have no idea how fun and exciting it is to see your favorite characters being cute little figures. It’s also one way people escape their stressful life.

Some people may not understand why we collect Funko Pops, but it will never be weird for us to love something that gives us peace, even if it comes from these cute little figures!

Reasons Why Collecting Funko Pop Isn’t Weird:

Consistent and Attractive Aesthetic


Let’s say it: Funko Pop figures are nice to look at. Their heads are usually too big for their bodies, but their round, simple features are excellent.

You can be sure that every new Funko will have the same airbrushed look. A wall with lots of different shapes and styles of figures can look impressive but busy.

If you want a clean, almost minimalist look, the Funko Pop collection has the consistent style and shape you need. Designers give every character the same round, boxy head. The facial features, color, and accessories are the only things that make each character unique.

Because of how consistently they are made, Funko Pops are a reliable and fun toy to collect. They always make you wonder, “How will they fit this character’s strange traits into the same mold in a creative way?”

Mainstream Pop Culture


Funko Pops are all about documenting mainstream pop culture. Whether you follow the most well-known people in the country closely or not, everyone can recognize at least one Pop Figurines in the Pop series show all kinds of famous people, including fictional heroes, musicians, wrestlers, and advertising icons.

You can be sure that Funko has a figure of one of the main characters from any fictional universe you like.

Even though “pop culture” is broad, Funko offers a taste of every major media stream. When you collect Funko from the present, you get a piece of the unique people and stories that are talked about the most.

Appeal to People of All Ages

People of all ages can enjoy Funko Pops. Anyone with a sense of wonder and a connection to well-known characters and culture will enjoy them.

A Pop vinyl is just as cool for an adult who watches WWE as it is for a kid who watches Marvel superhero movies.

Because there are so many different kinds of Funko Pops and so many different ways to make them, they appeal to many people.

Massive Resale Potential


Many Funko Pop collectors engage in the activity for enjoyment. Nonetheless, enterprising collectors recognize the enormous resale potential of Funko Pop vinyl figures.

Depending on the edition, demand, and scarcity, Funko can fetch thousands of dollars. As a result, some rarest and most expensive Pops are brought to conventions in search of a lucky collector.

While pricing and rarity fluctuate over time, the most expensive Funko Pop in recent memory was this glow-in-the-dark Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange for $30,650!

If you wish to collect and resell vintage, immaculate condition, and rare Funko vinyl, you may establish a rich side business, even though most Pops are substantially less expensive.

Cheap Entry Point

In comparison to other forms of collectibles, Funko Pops are inexpensive; you may get dozens of figures for $20 or less. This pricing is considerably lower than other well-known toys in the toy market, such as LEGO sets and Barbie dolls.

Even the most inexperienced collector can easily acquire various Funko things. Pop vinyl figures are the way to go if you wish to start collecting without breaking the budget.

It’s Fun

Collecting Funko Pop figures is enjoyable; there is no other way to put it. Owning a piece of your favorite fictional character or sports player gives you a physical stake in their world.

You can enjoy your Pops in multiple ways, leaving them in the box or removing them.

In addition, it is gratifying to see a multitude of Pop vinyl figurines adorning your shelves or walls, lending an artistic aspect.

Whether you’re a casual toy hobbyist or a dedicated Funko collector, it’s exciting to receive a brand-new, clear-packaged Funko toy.

Before you go…

In conclusion, it’s fun to collect Funko Pops. They’re cute, they’re fun, and they make great gifts. You don’t have to be ashamed if you love collecting these vinyl figures because many people also share the same interest!

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