Should I Buy Funko Pop Captain America Collector Corps

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Captain America Collector Corps is a great way to collect Funko Pops. The box includes a T-shirt, a badge, and exclusive Pop figures.

This article will examine the Captain America Collector Corps and whether it is worth collecting.

What is a Collector Corps?

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Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription from Marvel Comics and Funko that comes every two months. There are no coupons, and boxes cost $29.99 plus shipping.

The box says that every box will be worth $50, and every item in the box is unique. There have been vinyl collectibles, home goods, accessories, and clothing.

Captain America Collector Corps Contents



  • When you open the box, you see a Crossbones patch and a Black Panther pin.


  • Black Panther’s first movie is Civil War. The patch and pin are fun ways to get things for minor movie characters.

Black Panther #1 Variant Cover

  • Black Panther and Captain America as Funko Pops are on the cover. I’ve heard good things about this comic book, and Amos Maldonado did the cover art.

Pop Figures

  • Captain America and Iron Man


  • Another figure that can only be bought from Marvel Collector Corps. He has a lot of details, comes without a mask, and is, of course, very cute.


  • The lanyard has the Funko Pop faces of both Captain America and Iron Man, so you’re covered no matter which side you choose.


  • Whose Side Are You On? Black Panther and Black Widow are on Team Iron Man. Scarlet Witch and Falcon are on the side of Captain America.

Should I Buy Captain America Collector Corps?

With this box, Marvel Collector Corps hit a home run. This box has three Funko figures and a lot of great exclusive stuff. In the world of subscription boxes, this is one of the best deals you can find.

Plus, if you like Marvel, this box is worth the money. In the end, all of these items in the box are so cute!

Before you go…

In conclusion, the Captain America Collector Corps is worth it. It’s a great way to get your hands on some exclusive Pops, plus it comes with some other goodies like patches and shirts.

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