Top 10 of the Best DC Funko Collector Box to Have in Your Collection

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Funko’s Legion of Collectors was a subscription box with exclusive DC Comics collectibles, clothing, and other items. This article will look at the top 10 best DC Funko Collector Boxes to add to your collection!

Top 10: DC Funko Collector Box

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Funko released the first Legion of Collector box in 2016. This box features the movie Batman Vs. Superman!

This box includes a Wonder Woman patch, a Superman pin, a Batman/Superman #5 Variant edition comic, a Batman vs. Superman shirt, an Aquaman and Superman Dordz, and an Armored Batman Funko figure! Add one of the best Legion of Collector boxes to your collection!

Suicide Squad


Let’s talk about the villains who saved the world! This Suicide Squad collector box is somewhat different from the first one because this box includes action figures!

This box has a Katana patch, a Deadshot pin, a Suicide Squad #1 Variant edition comic, a Suicide Squad shirt, Joker and Harley Quinn action figures, and a Funko figure of Enchantress! So, if you want to expand your DC Comics collection, this box might be right for you!

Women of DC


Of course, we cannot forget about the Women of DC! It’s fascinating to see Funko making a collector box solely for the Women of DC.

This box includes a Batgirl patch, a Harley Quinn pin, a Batgirl #35 Variant edition comic, a random heroes or villains shirt, a Wonder Woman action figure, and a Funko Pop of Hawkgirl! For all the collectors out there, this box is a must-have!

Batman Villains


Batman is one of the most notable characters in the DC Universe and arguably one of the most badass! However, being a badass character has consequences, and this box shows us some of the best villains from Gotham!

This box includes a Bane patch, a Riddler pin, a Batman #23.2/Riddler #1 Variant edition comic, a Joker hat, a Joker mug, a Two-Face Dorbz, and a Catwoman Funko figure!


We cannot make this list without Superman in it! One of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe!

This Superman collector box includes a Superman patch, a Superman pin, a Superman #1 Variant edition comic, a Superman shirt, a Superman keychain, a Superman action figure, and a classic Superman Funko figure! So, for all the fans of Superman out there, maybe this box is for you!

Wonder Woman


This Legion of Collectors box was the eighth box released by Funko, and it’s all about Wonder Woman! This box includes a Wonder Woman patch, a Wonder Woman logo pin, Wonder Woman socks, a Wonder Woman Pint Size Hero, a Wonder Woman Funko figure, and a Doctor Maru Funko figure!

Batman: The Animated Series


This is one of my favorite Legion of Collectors boxes because it features Batman in a Batmobile!

In addition, this box includes a Joker patch, a Catwoman pin, The Batman Adventures #1 Variant edition comic, a Batman shirt, a Batman with Batmobile Dorbz Ridez, and a Funko Pop of Mr. Freeze!

DC’s Most Wanted


Now, let’s move on to the DC’s Most Wanted Collector box, which features some of the strongest and meanest villains in the DC Universe!

This box includes a Black Manta patch, a DC Most Wanted shirt, a Joker luggage tag, a villain’s sticker, and Bane and Lex Luthor Funko Pops!

Justice League


Of course, if there is a box dedicated to DC’s Most Wanted, there is a box dedicated to the Justice League!

This box was the eleventh released by Funko in 2017. It features a Batman pin, a Justice League shirt, The Flash sticky notes, a Wonder Woman tumbler, an Aquaman Funko figure, and a Funko figure of Steppenwolf!

Teen Titans


For all the Teen Titans fans out there, this box might be for you! This Legion of Collectors box was the twelfth box released by Funko in 2018, and it features a Cyborg patch, a New Teen Titans #1 Variant edition comic, a Beast Boy shirt (out of two), two Teen Titan action figures (out of four), and a Funko figure of Nightwing!

Before you go…

As you can see, there are plenty of DC Funko Collector Boxes. However, if you’re looking for something specific or want to expand your collection, we hope this list helps!

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