How To Predict Which Funko Pop Will Be Valuable?

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If you collect Funko Pops, you know that some are much harder to find than others. With Pop collecting becoming increasingly popular, there are a lot of talks about which Pops will be rare and hard to find.

If everyone wants something so much that they are willing to pay hundreds for it, why not buy it now before its price goes through the roof? Well, maybe because it’s hard to buy something before its price goes up.

But luckily for you, I’ve researched what affects the value of Pop collecting and given you some tips on how not to get burned!

How to Predict Which Funko Pop Will be Valuable? Is it Possible?


You’d be surprised how many people ask, “How can I tell which Funko Pops will be worth money?”

The first step in answering this question is understanding that a Pops value is based on several things.

There are some general rules, but in the end, every Pop is different and has features that affect how much it might be worth. 

Do Funko Pops Go Up in Value?

If you want to buy a Funko Pop and keep it for the future, you should know that its value could go up or down depending on what happens to the prices of other toys like it.

You can’t know how much your specific Funko Pop will sell for in the future because the price depends on many things, like how rare or common it is and how well-known the character is.

Factors That Can Affect the Value of a Funko Pop



What effect does popularity have in influencing the value of a Funko Pop? It mainly depends on the sentiment of the community as a whole. For instance, if a figure, pose, exclusivity, or type generates excitement in the community about an approaching pop, it will mostly be valuable in the future.

Like the stock market, these Funko Pops have their market, and their prices might increase or decrease during certain seasons.

The value of a Funko Pop that has been vaulted tends to grow. A Funko Pop’s worth might increase simply because people desire it.

Market conditions play a part in determining whether the value increases or decreases; nonetheless if all elements make sense, most figures will appreciate.



The major factors determining whether a Funko Pop is rare are the number of pieces made and whether it is a standard or Chase Pop Vinyl.

This does not ensure that your purchase will become valuable.

Still, if it was created in a limited quantity, such as 100 figures, you could be certain that it will rapidly become a valuable collectible. The value is determined by collector demand.

Tips for Buying Funko Pops

  1. You can check the prices and values of Funko Pops using the Pop Price Guide or the official Funko App.
  2. Buy from reputable sources.
  3. Buy what you want and what you can.
  4. Start your collection with your favorite character or movie.
  5. Be knowledgeable about the value of your funko pops.
  6. Remember to enjoy yourself!

Before you go…

In conclusion, there you have it! Since it is difficult to anticipate which Funko Pops will increase in value, all we can do is hope that ours will! I hope this article has helped you answer your questions and understand how Funko Pops become valued and the variables contributing to their value.

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