What Does the Number on the Top Right of a Funko Pop Mean?

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What does the number on the top right of a Funko Pop mean? If you are just starting to collect Funko Pops, the numbers on the box might confuse you.

The numbers on Funko Pop boxes are part of a system that makes sense. This system tells collectors when a Funko Pop was released and made.

In our detailed guide, you’ll learn how the Funko Pop numbering system works and what the numbers mean.

You’ll also find out why, as a collector, these numbers are so important to you.


What Does the Number on the Top Right of a Funko Pop Mean?


Funko Pops are given numbers in the order that their sets are released.

Stranger Things, for example, is part of a TV series.

The numbers on the Pops are based on when the sets came out.

Funko release other sets in the same line before they release the second wave of the same TV show.

Because of this, there will be gaps in the numbers that look strange.

The number on the box also shows the mold used to make the Pop figure.

For example, you can find up to three number ones in the Disney line.

All three Mickey Mouse Pops in the Disney line have the same shape but different colors.

Heroes #1 Batman is another example.

But the number would differ for a Mickey Mouse pop with a different mold.

How Do They Work?

So how does the numbering system for Funko Pop work?

Most of the time, the older Funko Pops in the Pop Vinyl line have a lower number.

But, depending on how well a collector understands how the numbers work, they can help or hurt them.

So when you look at the Funko Pops number, you must pay attention to these three things:

  • Check the box’s top left corner to determine which line the Pop Vinyl belongs to.
  • If there is no line under the “Pop!” name, use the name of the franchise as the line.
  • Check the number in the top right corner of the box to see where Pop fits in the Funko Pop line.
  • Check the backs of the Funko Pop boxes to see where your character fits in and if they came first or last.

For example, Chuck Norris has the number 673 and is in the Movies category.

So, Pop! Movies are written in the top left corner of the box.

Then, the logo will be a picture of Chuck Norris, and the number in the top right corner will be 673.

The Funko Pop numbers are like a series in each Pop Vinyl Line.

Each pop is part of a specific line and has a number in that line, which is usually its number.

You will also see that a few groups of numbers on each line help keep each group of figures together.

Sometimes, the sets come out in different runs, which changes the numbering.

Can Two Funko Pops Have the Same Number?


Because they are from different Pop Vinyl lines, two Pops can have the same number.

For instance, Funko Pop Vinyl Marvel Spider-Man Absolute Carnage on Headstone Deluxe is Pop Number 673, the same as Chuck Norris, previously mentioned in this guide.

However, Chuck Norris belongs to the Movies line, while Marvel Spider-Man belongs to the Absolute Carnage line, so a collector cannot confuse the two.

What The Numbers Mean to Collectors

As a collector, you need to know the Funko Pop numbers. It can tell you which pop is more valuable and why it is more valuable.

Also, the number gives you a better idea of why a character is more popular since you know it was made first.

We don’t know how many pops are made with that number, but we know how many pops have it.

Even though they have the same number, Funko pops from different pop vinyl lines have different designs for their bodies.

Here are what collectors can get out of the numbers:

  • They will help you figure out if you have everything in your collection.
  • The numbers also help collectors determine if the same pop mold has different versions.
  • As was already said, the number on a Pop Vinyl figure helps a collector figure out how old it is.
    • Older numbers mean older Pops. You know how hard it is to keep track of all your Funko Pops if you have many.
    • The Funko numbering system helps you keep track of things, but it’s not the best way to do things.
  • We suggest you use a Funko Pop tracking app to determine how much your collection is worth and keep track of them in one place.

Before you go…

We hope this guide has helped you understand what the number on the top right of a Funko Pop means and how it can affect your collection. If there are any questions that we didn’t answer here, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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