What is a Grail Funko Pop?

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A Grail Funko Pop is a term used by collectors to describe a Funko Pop that is considered rare, valuable, and highly sought after.

These Pops are typically ones that are no longer in production, were part of a limited edition run, or are exclusive to a specific store or event. The term “grail” is often used to describe these Pops because they are considered the holy grail of a collector’s collection.

Grail Pops can be difficult to find and often have a high price tag. Some of the most valuable Grail Pops have sold for thousands of dollars in online auctions and marketplaces.

However, for collectors, the value of these Pops goes beyond just their monetary worth. Owning a Grail Pop can be a badge of honor within the collector community and a source of pride for those who have been able to add one to their collection.

What is a Grail Funko Pop?

Due to its rarity and difficulty, a Funko Pop Grail is one of the most sought-after collectibles. A funko pop grail, though subjective to the collector, is the figurine you’d admire above all others and hold in the highest regard.

Although there is a low supply, there is also a high demand for it. Others wish they had a copy of this uncommon funko pop in their collection.

You can spend as much (or as little) as you want on a Funko Pop Grail. However, generally speaking, Funko Pop grails are the pinnacle of your collection, much like the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend.

What Makes a Funko Pop Grail?

Consider a character’s level of popularity before choosing which ones to target. This might seem to go against common sense. You might think, ‘Surely Funko would continue making a popular character.

But what if the popular character is only available in a limited quantity? Take the Kingdom Hearts Sora (Monsters, Inc.) Exclusive as an example. Kingdom Hearts is well-known and popular.

Sora enjoys fame. But is Sora from Monsters Inc. well-liked? This figurine is more likely to become a grail than the regular Sora figure.

Additionally, the natural appeal of collecting Funko Pops is its welcoming community. Do I have a grail Funko Pop? is a question from many new collectors. The community reveres some individuals as being the holy grail.

How to Know if You Have a Grail Funko Pop?

Let it pass. Choose a character you like who might not be popular in the future, and then wait a few years to see where it stands in your collection. Or look into social networking message boards!

Other users are a great source of research for finding your own Funko Pop holy grail because many users will make predictions, just like we did with Wanda from Wandavision.

Examples of Grail Funko Pops:

Loki (SDCC Exclusive 2012)

image from: hobbydb.com

Thor’s brother, Loki, rose to fame in his television series.

The holy grail of someone’s collection, this Pop Funko has been out of production for nine years.

Dumbo (Clown)

image from: hobbydb.com

Of all the Disney characters, who would have imagined Dumbo would become a grail?

But this one is most definitely! Even though it has only been out of production for eight years, it is more valuable than Loki!

Planet Aria Vegeta (NYCC Exclusive)


Given that Dragon Ball Z is one of the most well-known anime series on the planet, it is not surprising that Vegeta is one of the holy grails.

But, unfortunately, this object was taken off the market seven years ago.

Daryl Dixon (Bloody)


Our list’s least expensive holy grail, Daryl Dixon, still satisfies our requirements.

However, it’s worth trying to get your hands on this one now since it has an estimated value of $390.

Who knows how much it will be worth in another five years?

Is it Worth Collecting?

So, is it worth collecting? For us, it’s a big YES! A vaulted Funko Pop is probably a holy grail unless it’s a lesser-known character or the demand for that Pop is generally declining.

Investing in a vaulted figure is worthwhile whether the Pop is a holy object. Mainly if the character is one you like.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of finally obtaining and putting the figure on your shelf. Unfortunately, pop’s Value isn’t always the focus.

It’s lovely to know you have the crème de la crème, the signature dish, in your collection. It has a wholesomeness to it that is hard to forget, and that makes seeking it addictive.

Before you go…

We hope this article has helped you understand what a Grail Funko Pop is and how to identify one. If you’re still unsure whether it’s worth collecting these figures, we recommend researching on your own before making any decisions.

We believe these toys can be fun and rewarding if done right; however, there are plenty of other options if this doesn’t sound like something you want in on!

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