Why is Freddy Funko Expensive?

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Freddy Funko is a highly sought-after collectible among Funko fans, with some versions selling for thousands of dollars. So why is Freddy Funko so expensive? The answer lies in its rarity and exclusivity.

Funko releases limited edition versions of Freddy Funko, often tied to special events or collaborations with other brands. These limited edition versions are produced in small quantities, making them highly coveted by collectors.

Additionally, some versions of Freddy Funko are exclusive to certain retailers or conventions, further adding to their rarity and value.

Despite the high prices, the demand for Freddy Funko shows no signs of slowing down. Collectors continue to search for rare versions to add to their collections, driving up the prices even further.

In this article, we will explore the history of Freddy Funko and the factors that contribute to its high value in the collectibles market.

What are Freddy Funko Exclusives?


The mascot of the company is called Freddy Funko. Since the beginning, Funko has made figures of him.

What makes something special is how rare it is. Many of these figures are part of limited runs, making them desirable to collectors.

Each Freddy figure has him dressed in a different outfit. He has been an ice cream salesman, a skater, and even Jaime Lannister and Iron Man, among other things.

Some shine in the dark, while others are made of metal. Freddy Funko is also made in a few different ways. It’s what makes Freddy Funko Exclusives different from the regular Funko Pops you might find in a store selling fandom goods.

It would be like finding a unicorn if you could find a more sought-after figure in one of these stores. Unfortunately, these limited editions are hard to find in most stores.

When Do Freddy Funko Exclusives Come Out?

Funko Pops that aren’t limited edition come out frequently time, but most Freddy Funko Pops are only made for special events. Every year, for example, the company’s anniversary brings out new Freddy Funko pops that aren’t sold anywhere else. Instead, figures are sold at big events like the Comic-Con in New York City.

Most of the time, the special editions were based on popular media at the time they came out. For example, just a few months after the movie came out, the Freddy Funko Venom figure came out. Some of the other Freddy Funko exclusives are old toys.

For example, they made a Funko figure of Freddy dressed as the fourth version of The Doctor from Doctor Who for the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. This version of The Doctor was among the most famous when the show was on, and it has stayed that way since then.

So, you must keep your ear to the ground to find out when the Funko Pop store will get new exclusive Freddy Funkos. So, you can be one of the fortunate handful of people to get the following Freddy Funko Pop figure, which is very sought after.

Why is Freddy Funko Expensive?

Freddy Funko Pop exclusives can be more or less hard to find. Funko will sometimes put out as many as 480 Freddy Funko Exclusive figures. Others, on the other hand, may only have twelve copies for the whole world.

Some more highly prized ones have never been available for sale anywhere since the originals were all bought.

Most of the time, you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than to find a bloody Jaime Lannister Freddy Funko.

Some of the rarest and most wanted Freddy Funkos have only been on sale a few times in the last ten years. But these Freddy Funkos are selling for a lot of money.

Examples of Freddy Funko Exclusives:

Freddy Funko as Venom


Released in 2019 as an event exclusive, this Funko figure shows Freddy Funko dressed as Venom from the Marvel movie franchise, Venom. This figure is valued at $18,780 today!

Freddy Funko as Buzz Lightyear (Glow in the Dark)


Another famous Freddy Funko figure is the GITD Buzz Lightyear, released in 2011, with only 12 released like the Iron Man variant! This figure was released at San Diego Comic-Con as an exclusive and is valued at $24,250 today!

Freddy Funko as Iron Man


The Iron Man Freddy Funko is one of the most famous exclusives released by Funko in 2012. There were only 12 pieces made! This is one of the most sought-after figures by collectors due to its rarity! Today, this particular piece is valued at $38,660!

Freddy Funko as Alex (Clockwork Orange) (Glow in the Dark)


Funko planned to make a whole line of Clockwork Orange Pops back in 2012. However, because it wasn’t as easy to pay a lot of money for licenses as it is now, they often used a company called Radio Days to help with licensing and copyright laws. Unfortunately, with these Pops!, the company that made Clockwork Orange was very threatening and told Funko to throw them away or face legal trouble.

The company’s CEO at the time, Brian Mariotti, decided to destroy all but 24 of them (12 Chase & 12 non-Chase). He signed each one by hand and gave it a number. Since Funko could never sell these pieces directly, the non-Chases were given to friends (primarily members of the Funko Funatic forum), and the Chases were given to Gemini Collectibles in early 2013. Since then, this figure has skyrocketed in value and is now valued at $48,450!

Before you go…

If you want to collect Freddy Funko exclusive figures, you’ll have to be patient for a long time. It would also help if you were ready to spend a lot of money on your collection.

Remember that you might never come across some of the rarer exclusives at all. The best thing to do is list the ones you want. So, you’ll be ready to take it when you see a chance.

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