Do Funko Pops Hold Their Value?

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Funko Pops are a big part of culture today. Funko makes characters, themes, and styles that have become well-known. People wonder how much Funko Pops are worth because of their popularity.

In this post, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about how long the value of your collection will last.

Do Funko Pops Hold Their Value?

There are no guarantees that your collection will hold its value in the future, but if you’re lucky enough to own one of these highly sought-after Pops, it may be worth more than just their price tag one day!

How Do Funko Pops Hold Their Value?

The value of a Funko Pop depends on several things:

  1. Well known: like how well-known and rare the character is. The more well-known a character is, the more likely its value will stay the same over time.
  2. Rare: Another thing that affects how much your Funko Pops are worth is their rareness. The fewer copies there are compared to how much people want them, the higher the prices will be when you sell or buy them on online auctions in the future when the demand has gone up a lot.

1. Supply vs. Demand


Funko uses the law of supply and demand. It has a limited number of Pop Vinyl figures, which makes it more fun to try to get them. Because there aren’t many of them, their value increases over time. In 2015, when Funko came out with Frankenberry Freddy Funko (Glow in the Dark), it cost $725. After a few years, the figure is worth about $5,610, which makes it one of the most expensive pop figures. This property also works well with NFTs since you can’t make more of the limited number.

2. Character Popularity


If you’re looking to sell your collection, it’s important to know which characters are more sought after than others.

Several websites list the most valuable Pops; these sites are updated regularly as new figures enter production or become rarer due to limited edition releases or scalpers buying up all of their stock before anyone else can get their hands on them.

3. Limited Edition or Event Exclusive Funko Pops


There are different collectibles made just for each event. Some of these exclusives are completely new characters or designs, while others are highly anticipated versions of collectibles with new features.

For example, some exclusives glitter or glow in the dark, with many other variations. These exclusives are only made in small numbers and won’t be sold again.

Not everyone can attend conventions in person, so some limited items will be sold through “shared exclusives” with certain retail partners. The stickers on these shared exclusives differ from those on the exclusives you can buy at the convention so that you can tell them apart.

Before you go…

Once you have your Funko Pop collection started, it can be a fun hobby to keep up with. Of course, the value of your Pops will fluctuate depending on what’s going on in pop culture. But if you find that one of your favorite figures has dropped in value too much, then consider selling it!

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