Why are Some Funko Pops Expensive?

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The collectible toy company Funko is known for its line of vinyl figures, including many super-cute Pops. While some Pops are just a few dollars, others can cost hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars. But why? Well, it all depends on the factors listed below.

Why are Some Funko Pops Expensive?

The price of Funko Pops is based on several things. If a friend or family member gives you a Funko Pop Vinyl as a gift, think twice before you throw it away. It could be worth a lot of money. Here are some of the reasons why some Pop figures cost so much:

Licensing and Intellectual Property

You might be surprised at how much a vinyl plastic figure can cost.

Before Funko can make a Pop, it has to pay to get the rights to use the characters and intellectual property. So, each character has to pay the price for that.

Funko has licenses with more than 1100 different companies. They usually track how popular a character is to know when to move on to another.

Demand and Supply


Most of the time, Funko only makes a small number of Pops. In the end, there aren’t enough Pops for everyone who wants to collect them.

Because of this, there is always more demand for Pops than supply. For example, a Loki figure from 2012’s The Avengers that was only sold at that year’s San Diego Comic-Con usually goes for more than $4,000!

The Rarity of Funko Pops

The rarity of a Funko Pop is a significant factor when it comes to their price. Many different types of Funko Pops have different levels of rarity and can be more or less expensive based on this. Here are some of the factors that make a Funko Pop rare:

Chase Funko Pops


A Chase is a Pop Vinyl variety with unique characteristics. The ratio of Chase Pop Vinyls to standard Funko Pop Vinyls is 1:6. Other chase versions with even unusual ratios, such as 1:24, are more challenging to locate.

In addition, the rarity of a Pop figurine increases its value. You can purchase a Pop by chance at retail or by placing a regular-priced preorder. However, as soon as you leave the store, their value increases exponentially, and the price skyrockets.

Event Exclusives


Convention Exclusive Pop Vinyl is yet another sort of unique Pops. Today, numerous Convention Exclusives are available at local pop culture outlets. Thus, not all Convention Exclusives are uncommon.

However, the majority of Funko Pops published before 2015 are scarce. For example, if you own a Dragon Ball Z Convention Exclusive, there is a good likelihood that your item costs more than $100.

These are undoubtedly the most famous Pop Vinyl figures because the franchise has a big following.

In addition to the Chase Pop Vinyls and Convention Exclusives, other unmarked Pop Vinyl figures are scarce due to their age or discontinuation of production.

The metallic version of Ursula from The Little Mermaid is an example of a basic Pop Vinyl that is scarce on the market. However, it is available for at least $500!

Before you go…

We hope this article explains why some Funko Pops are more expensive. As you can see, many factors determine a Pop’s value and rarity. If you’re looking to buy a rare Funko Pop–or any collectible, it’s essential to do research before making your purchase so that you don’t get ripped off!

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