Who Has The Most Funko Pop Collection?

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Who has the most Funko Pop collection? As with any other collectible, the number of Funko Pops available is important. After all, getting lost in a sea of options with no way out is not fun. So let’s see how many Funkos there are!

How Many Funko Pops Are There?

As of March 2019, there is over 9,000 unique Pop! Figures — 1,000 for exclusives and 200 for limited editions. That may sound like a lot, but it doesn’t stop there.

The manufacturer keeps coming up with new characters from various franchises like Disney, Marvel Comics, and Star Wars, as well as original ones created by fans and voted on by them, too! In addition, more than 200 secret figures have yet to be released.

How Many Rare Funko Pops Are There?

It’s a bit of a moving target, but the rarest Funko Pops usually have only one or two versions. This can be due to low initial sales or because they were discontinued after just one or two runs.


The most limited edition Funko Pops are from the original series of figurines from 2008-2009 that began to make Funko a household name.

They’re still being bought by collectors today, so you’ll often see them for sale on sites like eBay for hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per figure.

Who Has The Most Funko Pops In Their Collection?

1. David Mebane

image from nerdist.com

David Mebane is a self-described “Funko Pop Superfan” and collector. His collection is so vast that he has a dedicated room in his house!

He currently has over seven thousand Funko Pop figures, which means he has more than anyone else!

David started amassing his massive collection in 2014. He usually purchases between 20 and 30 Funko Pop! figurines weekly, so his collection keeps growing. Out of all the figures in his collection, 126 are signed.

David’s favorite part about collecting these figurines is seeing all the different variations on characters from movies or TV shows; he also loves playing with them when they come out with new ones each month!

2. Paul Scardino

image from funko.com

If you’re a Funko Pop collector, you’ve heard of Paul Scardino. He started his Funko Pop Collection back in 2017. A Spiderman and Hawkeye Funko figure was gifted to him on his birthday.

After that, he fell in love with collecting Funko Pops, and his collection grew to 5,000, giving him the title of “largest Funko Pop Collection,” according to Guinness World Records, back in 2021!

Is There Anyone Who Has a Complete Funko Pop Collection?

It has been reported that there is not one person who owns a complete Funko Pop collection. There are too many variants, and it’s just not possible to get them all.

Some people like to collect the same thing in different colors or versions, but that can only get you so far if you try to have one of each figure out there. Collecting is supposed to be fun, not stressful!

If you’re determined to be the first person with an entire catalog of Funko Pops in your possession, then I applaud your ambition (and think it’s awesome).

But alas, It’s unlikely that anyone will ever accomplish this feat—at least not without some serious cash behind them (or investing hundreds of hours).

You may be wondering who has the most Funko Pops in their collection. While some claim to have more than one million Funko Pops, we have yet to find anyone who can prove this with photos of all their figures.

Before you go…

As a result, no one even knows how many Funko Pops are on Earth! This means that every collector is still working hard to get their collection as big as possible while also trying not to get too crazy about it. Whoever ends up winning this battle will deserve bragging rights!

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