Top 10: Stranger Things Funko Pop You Can Add to Your Collection

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Many fandoms, especially those interested in horror, enjoy collecting Funko pops. But what about Stranger Things Funko Pops?

Despite my mixed feelings about the show, I can’t deny that they have a fantastic collection of Funko POP! figures.

I’ve been poking around our Upside Down (the internet, which can be just as unsettling as the real thing), and I’ve found some more Funkos to add to your collection.

Stranger Things Funko Pops to Collect:

1. Steve

Some people might find it absurd, but King! I wish Steve (Joe Keery) had been around for more of the show; his nail-bat moment is still one of the most memorable.


2. The OG Party Dressed as Ghostbusters Funko Pops

Do you recall when these little nerds dressed as the Ghostbusters and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) had Mike (Finn Wolfhard) checked for filth?

Happy times. It’s harder to find a set of 4 now than it probably was when they were first made available.


3. Eleven (Elevated)

The iconic Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) outfit from season two is still present and accounted for in all its splendor with this Funko.

This will make a fantastic addition to your collection if you love Stranger Things, Eleven, and collecting Funko figures.


4. Hopper (Byers House)

Do not be distracted by the fact that this is an Amazon exclusive.

Instead, take in how awesome the Hopper (David Harbour) figurine is.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Byers House were total mayhem, and who could forget the holiday decorations?

One of the reasons it is on this list in the first place is because it is one of the figures that aren’t commonly known.

Exclusive merchandise is often the way to go when you’re a figure or collector.


5. Demogorgon (Black Light Exclusive)

Monsters are fucking awesome, okay?

A Demogorgon figure is a superb addition to a collection because of its distinctive form and appearance.

The familiar figure works just as well, but the black light figure? Superb.

This figure is funky and spooky at the same!

Unfortunately, because it’s exclusive, there aren’t many available.


6. Flayed Billy

Talking about Billy (Dacre Montgomery) or the larger Stranger Things fandom would be somewhat foolish.

I won’t do that today because I’ve already made my points obvious; instead, I’ll show you a cool figure.

It’s disgusting to consider that some of his figures are linked with Karen (Cara Buono) for obvious reasons.

So, I’ve chosen Flayed Billy for this list since Billy/Dacre stole season 3, in all honesty.


7. Max

Sadie Sink’s character, Max, was the star of season four of Stranger Things, and she is now finally getting the credit she deserves.

This Funko, which I own, is ideal for any fan of Max Mayfield.

This person is also iconic because of her attire. If you disagree, fight me.


8. Vecna

In season four of Stranger Things, Vecna (Jamie Brewer) is essentially Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger.

Vecna was genuinely frightening after the unveiling, which was handled spookily. P

lay one of your favorite songs, and you won’t have to worry about him coming after you.

He won’t dismember your body and make you levitate, and I can assure you that.


9. Robin

Who doesn’t adore this quiet lesbian? One of those people you can’t help but adore is Robin (Maya Hawke).

Why wouldn’t you want to buy her figure, aside from some of her uncharacteristic actions in Stranger Things season 4 (I said what I said)?

I have to say that her Family Video attire tops her Scoops Ahoy suit by a landslide.


10. Eleven in the Rainbow Room

You need a Funko Pop of Eleven after the massacre in the Rainbow Room.

If you’re a big fan of Eleven, this is a fantastic treat because of how great it looks.

I give Funko Pops a big thumbs up because Stranger Things season 4 didn’t hesitate to get dark or focus on darker moments for the characters.


Before you go…

It’s hard to choose just one Funko Pop, but if I had to pick one, it would be Steve. He’s just so cute! If you’re a fan of Stranger Things and want some cool collectibles in your collection, these are worth checking out.

Check out my next article: “Top 10: Funko Pop Horror Movies.”

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