A Guide on Where to Sell Coin Collection

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Where to sell coin collection? How to sell it? Who buys collections?

Coin collecting is a hobby with a rich history. People collect coins for different reasons: to preserve their value, invest, or learn about the past.

This article will explore who buys coin collections and why they do it!

How Much Does A Coin Collection Cost?


The cost of a coin collection depends on a few factors, including the rarity and condition of the coins.

However, here are some general rules that can help you determine how much you should be willing to pay for your collection:

  • The older the coin, the more it costs. This makes sense—the older your coins are, the more time they’ve had to accrue value and become more scarce. Older coins also tend to be in better condition because they’ve been handled less over time (or at least not as much). As such, their value increases exponentially with age. The oldest pound coin is worth about £450; however, much of this price comes from its rarity rather than its age since only 100 were issued in 1983!
  • Rarer coins are more expensive than common ones. Coins issued by fewer countries or with less circulation often fetch higher prices on auction sites like eBay because they’re harder to find and, therefore, more sought after by collectors worldwide—so if you want something truly unique, look no further than here!

How To Know The Value of Your Coin Collection?

You can use several websites to determine the value of your coin collection. The most common are eBay and Coin Market Cap.

Coinflation is another excellent resource for discovering more about your coins’ worthiness if you seek an independent evaluation.


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eBay has a “completed” section where people have already sold coins with similar characteristics to yours and what they got paid per coin type.

This gives you an idea of what price range they could get in the past, which can help inform how much money might be reasonable for your collection today (and vice versa).

PCGS Coin Facts


PCGS Coin Facts App is probably the best app for your coin collection today!

This app includes barcode reading, price guides, and Barcode scanning for coins graded by PCGS.

NGC provides instant coin look-up functionality, complete PCGS Price Guide listings for all U.S. Coins, full PCGS Population Report for all U.S.

Coins, access PCGS Photograde with high-resolution images by grade, expert narratives on specific coins from leading industry professionals like David Hall, Ron Guth, Q. David Bowers, and others.

Where to Sell Your Coin Collection?

Where to sell coin collection? There are many ways to sell coins, depending on how much time you want to put into it. You can sell your collection in person or online.

  1. Sell your coins to a coin collector: If you have an old friend who collects coins and has expressed interest in buying yours, offering them to them is a great way to make some money!
  2. Sell your coins at a coin shop: Coin shops often buy collections of old cash and other precious metal items. This can be a more involved process since the store will probably want documentation regarding the history of your collection before they purchase it from you for resale. However, if you don’t mind putting in some legwork beforehand, this may be an option worth considering!
  3. Sell your coins through an auction house: Many coin collectors prefer to sell their collections at auction to get a better price for their items. Auction houses often have experts on staff who can provide a fair estimate of the value of your collection before making an offer.

Selling Coin Collection to Coin Collectors


Coin collectors are looking for rare or unique coins. If you have a coin collection, a collector may be interested in your coins if they are rare and in good condition.

Coin collectors want their collections to be complete. A collector who is missing one of the coins from a series he is trying to build will often pay more than face value for the missing piece of his collection.

This makes it worthwhile to sell your old coins even if they aren’t worth much the open market.

Some people like collecting historical artifacts that tell a story about what life was like at that period or place in history (like Civil War memorabilia).

If you have some old coins with exciting stories behind them, someone might be interested in buying them as part of their collection.

Coin collectors look for metal commodities rather than paper money when they buy and sell coin collections because metal prices fluctuate less than currency values do over time.

So there’s less risk involved with investing money into precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum bullion items instead of just keeping it stored safely away from robbers who might steal everything but then leave all those valuable metals behind because stealing them wouldn’t make any sense.

So don’t worry about security issues when selling off old coins full stop!

Selling Coin Collection to Coin Shops


There are several ways to sell coin collections: Coin shops also tend to buy collections that have been well cared for and organized. If you live near one of these businesses, use their knowledge and expertise by selling them your coins.

You’ll have to find a shop specializing in the type of coins you have. For example, if you have U.S. coins from before 1964, selling them at a coin shop specializing in vintage currency may be best.

The downside of selling your coins at a coin shop is that they may not pay as much money for them as other buyers. They may also charge you a fee for their services, which will be subtracted from the sale price.

Selling Coin Collection at an Auction


Auction houses are one of the places where to sell coin collection. If you have an extensive coin collection or want to make extra cash by selling a few coins at auction, consider contacting an auction house. Auction houses are an excellent resource for collectors with one or two rare coins. However, they also handle more extensive collections and have the resources to sell your item quickly while maximizing its value.

Auction houses typically have high turnover rates because of the number of buyers they reach and their breadth of expertise. If you decide to sell your coin collection at an auctioneer’s place, someone nearby would likely be interested in buying it from you!

Many collectors can purchase rare items online through eBay or other online marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace; however, these platforms may not always provide access to more obscure collectible pieces found only in brick-and-mortar shops (such as antique stores). If this sounds familiar, consider reaching out directly, especially if it’s an older piece worth millions!

Selling Coin Collection Online


Where to sell coin collection? Selling it online is one of the easiest ways to do it. Many websites allow you to sell coins and other collectibles, such as eBay and Amazon. This means you can sell your coin collection to anyone anywhere in the world with just a few clicks, no matter where you live or your time zone.

You can also list your coins on auction sites like eBay and Amazon. Still, this option isn’t always available because some collectibles don’t follow their guidelines for selling items through their site (eBay requires all sold items to be 100% authentic). On top of this, any damage or signs of wear on an item won’t be allowed on these websites either.

Selling Coin Collection at Coin Shows

  • Coin shows are a great place to sell your coin collection.
  • They’re also a great place to buy a coin collection.
  • They’re also a great place to learn about coin collecting, meet other collectors and sellers, and learn how to make money from your old coins.

Before you go…

I hope this article helped you answer your question about where to sell a coin collection. If you are interested in selling your coin collection, there are a few things that you need to consider. First and foremost, will it be worth your time and effort? There are many different options available when it comes to selling your collection. As mentioned earlier in this article, you can sell it online or at an auction house or show. If you decide to go through with one of these options, ensure they have experienced staff who know what they’re doing when buying coins!

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